Into the Badlands: Red Sun, Silver Moon
April 6, 2017 2:28 PM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Sunny and Bajie meet a dangerous foe who knows Sunny; the Widow prepares for a showdown; MK learns a secret.

I'm still expecting Veil to be planning an escape, and now she's also hiding Quinn's illness! I really wanna know what happened after that finale that she ended up helping Quinn but also letting him die. (Well, the letting him die part is understandable, what with him killing her parents)

So that deep acupuncture procedure seems to suppress the power inside them. We'll probably see that happening on a protagonist, maybe even the Master, and then of course someone overcomes it.

I really thought we were gonna get to see the Conclave this episode, but I guess we have to wait one more week! I chuckled at them carrying Waldo on his chair around, with no explanations, but I suspect they're passing it off as honor and courtesy while practically it's hard to push a wheelchair on the rocky ground.

I'm loving the fights, as usual. They seem to be less this season but they still so well done. I already read one recap that side-eyed the fighting in Iron Fist compared to this show, but I haven't seen that yet (but you guys talk about it enough here!). I would've liked Moon to last another couple of episodes, he's such a great character to foil for Sunny.
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Wondering if Moon will return to fill the role of the General from Journey to the West. We already have Bajie after all.
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That X-ray switch trick that Veil's doing is pretty neat -- how the F are X-rays a thing in this technology poor future? Also, this is one of the few times I've really noticed old American infrastructure relics in the background. It's usually hinting at locale/timeline in elements of the set decor or the occasional car, but wow.

As much as I love the incredible fights in this show (clear visual angles! Nearly zero rapid-fire edits done shaky-cam style! Good lighting!), I've noticed fewer memorable ones this season in the first 3 eps. Maybe it's less impressive because I already know most of the cast's fighting strengths and identities, and Sunny of course never fails in the creativity dept., but I'm waiting for my mind to be blown.

I know Daniel Wu (Sunny) mentioned added "tricking" scenes in one interview, so bring on any breakdance fights immediately, kthxbai.

Also how cool is it to actually see MK and Tilda visibly maturing into adults since last season? Genre shows often cast real kids and then re-cast visibly older actors between seasons (The Strain) or just use adults to play teens (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Aramis Knight was 15/16 when he started training and filming Season 1 (2015) and wil be 18 in October. Ally Ionnades was 16 in S1, now 19.

That's one thing I appreciated about the Walking Dead -- seeing Carl grow up in real-time via the show. But seriously, this show in many ways is so much better. Good job there, AMC.
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I am sure there is no chance Moon will return. Honestly, the only wuxia serial misstep anyone has made is that no one has fallen off a cliff to find a lost martial arts manual yet.
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