Into the Badlands: Palm of the Iron Fox
April 13, 2017 9:29 AM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The Widow's fight for power puts her in an epic showdown with her enemies who have joined forces against her, while an old threat resurfaces.

Well, this was expected. I wonder if somehow Ryder magically survives like his father did. And this all out coming war will make for some great battle scenes. That one scene of the courtyard fight from above was just amazeballs.

I'm surprised they left Sunny entirely out of this episode though, but it makes sense that switching to his storyline might throw the pacing of the episode off (even though I kept expecting a scene switch to him every time a scene with Veil ended).

I hope that last scene doesn't mean Veil gave up. That pipe looks like it could break that lock with enough hits (based on TV logic), she just gotta... keep trying.

I wonder if any babies in the real world have had both animal and human blood on their face within their first year.
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The Widow stands alone (well, alone with Waldo and Tilda). Maybe Sunny is going to come back and be their chief clipper in the fight against the other regents.
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I hate Quinn, but Ryder is a magnitude dumber, so I hope someone dies in the Badlands.
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