Wyrd Sisters
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Wyrd Sisters - Book 6 in our Publication Order read through of the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett.

Terry Pratchett’s fantasy classic Wyrd Sisters, a novel in the Discworld series, is the story of Granny Weatherwax, the most highly regarded non-leader a coven of non-social witches could ever have.

Generally, these loners don't get involved in anything, mush less royal intrigue. but then there are those times they can't help it. As Granny Weatherwax is about to discover, though, it's a lot harder to stir up trouble in the castle than some theatrical types would have you think. Even when you've got a few unexpected spells up your sleeve.

Granny Weatherwax teams with two other witches — Nanny Ogg and Margat Garlick - as an unlikely alliance to save a prince and restore him to the throne of Lancre, in a tale that borrows — or is it parodies — some of William Shakespeare's best-loved works.

First Book - The Color of Magic
Previous Book - Sourcery
Next Book - Pyramids
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This will always have a special place on my bookshelf because it was the first Discworld book I read and when re-reading the books in order also the first one where his kind of humour clicks with mine.
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I've not read much of Discworld outside of the City Watch books, so I've been really enjoying having someone tell me which ones to read next. There was a lot of fun in this one and I kept wanting to highlight and re-read my favorite lines. I loved Magrat's insistence on the Way to Do Things, and Granny's irritation at it.
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Granny is finally herself here, which is so nice. I still can't think of Nanny without laughing, she's so great. Magrat is just such a wet hen (great way to describe her), and lovable all at the same time.

I'm so happy to have a reason to re-read this book once again!
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I took a lot of time to warm up to the Witches although I'm not sure whether that was due to the books or the place I was at when reading them. I love the idea of the readthrough, so maybe I'll join for some Guards! Guards! action next step
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The early line "'You'd have to be a born fool to be a king,' said Granny." is fun on re-read.

If you took out all the Shakespeare riffs you'd lose half the book, and there's a ton of other theatre references as well. A good book all around.
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