Underground: Minty
April 13, 2017 7:42 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Harriet Tubman reflects on a life with conviction, compassion, and courage.

Aisha Hinds on Playing Harriet Tubman in a Remarkable ‘Underground’ Episode (New York Times)
The actress Aisha Hinds dominates almost every frame of Wednesday night’s episode of “Underground,” the WGN America drama about the Underground Railroad. As Harriet Tubman, Ms. Hinds delivers an hourlong speech about her character’s personal history and the future of the antislavery movement to an audience of white abolitionists. Before it was even scripted, the episode was known on the show’s set as “Harriet Tubman’s TED Talk.”
Harriet Tubman breaks out of Underground’s time and format in a singular episode (A.V. Club)
But just before Harriet tears down that fourth wall, director Anthony Hemingway does it for her, bringing the viewer in from across the room. The camera makes its way down from the rafters to the back of the room, zooming in until it rests on Harriet’s face, where it frames her plea. No, not a plea—a mission statement.
“If you don’t have it in you to take up arms against the injustice, then you gotta pray another prayer. And you gotta walk in it with conviction. He will provide, but you gotta do your part. You gotta find what it means for you to be a soldier, beat back against those that are trying to kill everything good and right in the world, and talk about making it great again. We can’t afford to be just citizens in a time of war. That’ll be surrender, that’ll be giving up our future, and our souls. Ain’t nobody get to sit this one out, you hear me?”
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I love that they gave over an episode to a monologue. A really powerful choice, and a gorgeous performance from Hinds. The whole episode was mesmerising.
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