Chapo Trap House: Episode 100 - Chapo Goes To College (4/17/17)
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"Our live show at Harvard University, where we held a tournament to decide the most evil person to ever emerge from the institution."
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I haven't gotten to check this one out yet but I'm pretty excited!
posted by grobstein at 7:12 PM on April 17, 2017

Sorry if this is bad form and better suited to Ask...

I just got into this podcast at Episode 98 ("Gorka... Gorka..." brilliant) and looking forward to this one. Any brilliant episodes in the back catalogue I should listen to as especially good, or "required" listening for institution of themes, in-jokes etc?
posted by Gratishades at 2:33 AM on April 18, 2017

Oh, ha ha, this is a great question, short answer, "Yes!", have to get back to you with recommendations.
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Niall Ferguson was robbed.
posted by Space Coyote at 5:06 PM on April 19, 2017

There's Amber! I'm not a subscriber but her presence on the public ones has been missed for a while. I had fun with this - maybe some easy targets but sometimes just going in on the easy targets is satisfying.

I dunno if anybody here listens to The Dollop - guess maybe I should be the one to add it to FanFare - but they just did one live episode with Will and Felix and another with Matt and Virgil, and they were both pretty funny. Definitely among the better fits as guests go.
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Gratishades, listen to the "Caleb" episodes.
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I went back and listened to every episode from back to back from the first episode after joining in at ep58 - "We Live In The Zone Now". There are weaker episodes but even those are considerably funnier and more entertaining than anything any other left-wing source is putting out. There really are no "bad" episodes imo and r/chapotraphouse is also a great place to hang out with similarly minded dirtbag left types.

ep.65 No Future (with Adam Curtis) is a good one, particularly since a couple of eps beforehand they'd done a great parody of his style.

If you're a Grey Wolf like myself then Felix did a great interview with Karim Zadin about MMA in the Chechen Republic and Dagestan and the influence of Saudi money and replacement of Sufism with Salafism in the region that sent me down a rabbit hole of investigation that was simultaneously awesome fun and terrifying.

Finally once you've listened to every episode on the regular and subscriber feed you are finally ready to listen to the gang play Call of Cthulhu in Table Top Game Theory I and II where "Will plays a disturbed, incestuous race scientist, Felix a military valor-stealer turned jazz vocalist, and Matt a medically trained decrepit foot fetishist. They receive an odd message from a grotesque, half-man, half-baseball that leads them to uncover dark secrets in the heart of our young nation’s capital…"

You need the background of around 50 episodes to get the "in-jokes" but it's brilliant.
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Oh and if you like pain, you can find the full interview with Matthew Walther on Youtube. Holy crap he's a complete headcase.
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If you have time I recommend the full back catalog, as it's all pretty good listening, but the Caleb episodes are high quality, as is the one right after the election.
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