Into the Badlands: Leopard Stalks in Snow
April 25, 2017 1:16 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Sunny and Bajie encounter and unexpected friend but also an unbeatable enemy from the past. The Widow makes an unholy alliance.

Aaaaarg! So there goes the first major death of the show! I can kind of believe Ava ran her plot course (they can't have her interfering with the love triangle between MK, Tilda, and Odessa later), but I'm slightly sad they killed off Cyan, the abbott in charge of tracking down runaways, because Cung Le needs all the screen time he can get.

I'd say I saw it coming, but it still sucks that the Widow gave Veil up. I wonder if that will affect Tilda's influence over Odessa trying to leave.

Also, yaay more LGBTQ representation! (it felt forced, tbh, but still, good!)
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Also, renewed for season 3!
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The ruined Santaland at the end there was definitely the most intact relic of the past we've seen; it was much more overt and intrusive than their references to the past usually are, which made me wonder how it could possibly still be so intact...but I'll allow it since it made for such a gorgeous setting for the fight.
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Yeah the design of this show is always ridiculously on point. The Santaland thing was okay... it reminded me of some Shannara TV series settings, but that show is pretty shit compared to this one.
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