Lucifer: Candy Morningstar
May 1, 2017 8:38 PM - Season 2, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Lucifer has gone off the grid and cut off all contact from his family and the police department, following Chloe's near-death. But the murder of an up-and-coming guitarist causes him to resurface - with a new mystery woman. Meanwhile, Lucifer's mom realizes she may have found a way to finally get them back to Heaven.
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posted by Ivan Fyodorovich at 11:30 PM on May 1, 2017 [7 favorites]

On the one hand I really enjoy this show! On the other hand they turned LUCIFER into a police procedural so I kind of hate myself for liking it.

See also: Ivan's comment. I guess.
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I'm just glad they didn't drag out the Candy reveal for another episode or two. It was obvious from the start she wasn't a stereotypical TV stripper--excuse me, exotic dancer. I'm also happy that we don't have to put up with more of her (or mainly her dumb blonde act).

Overall, it was a pretty good start to this part of the season.
posted by sardonyx at 7:31 PM on May 2, 2017

I was also "impressed" by the number of in-show ads they managed to put in for Supergirl.
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What was that about anyway? Supergirl is on the CW, this show is on Fox. I guess Lucifer is also a DC property?
posted by Justinian at 1:03 AM on May 3, 2017

Oh, also, wasn't the melody of Lucifer's "song" the show's theme?
posted by Ivan Fyodorovich at 4:01 AM on May 3, 2017 [1 favorite]

Ha! Ivan's right, it is!

I'm a little confused though. What's Lucifer handing over a great wodge of cash to the crimelord for? Something to do with Candy or is it payment for some McGuffin revealed later down the line?
posted by dogsbody at 5:40 PM on May 6, 2017

I do appreciate how the “TV Stripper Stereotype” was a deliberate game to play on other people’s biases though.
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So, for all the "Lucifer doesn't lie" we've heard, he's straight up lying now, eh? HMMMMMMMM.

(I sadly need to take a pause on my past binge watching for a week-ish, but I do wonder what happens when someone asks, "where's the wife?")

Nice that she was not a total bimbo and even when doing the act, she had moments.
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No, it wasn't a lie - he actually married her in Vegas and then divorced her afterwards. Also, he never said she was a stripper, he said "They prefer to be called exotic dancers." Believe me, I rewatched this precisely to check that.
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