Sense8: I Have No Room In My Heart For Hate
May 7, 2017 6:39 AM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Will asks an old friend for help as Riley embarks on a risky journey. Kala makes a troubling discovery. Sun has an intense encounter in the cemetery.

*Riley flies to Chicago alone, while Will worries, with Nomi, Amanita, and Bug on cyber-patrol.
*Kala interrupts another Ajay/Rajan meeting to tell Rajan she has discovered falsified shipping manifests, that the company is sending out expired drugs. Rajan admits that he's known all along, that the drugs are going to 'faraway places' like Kenya. A horrified Capheus is motivated to go to the KDR office.
*On the plane, Riley gets another visitor from the rave, the woman with the tree tattoo on her head. She counsels against action, and somehow is able to visit Riley without Riley being able to visit her back.
*Nomi & Amanita share a meal with Amanita's mom & the dads, and discuss a recent mass shooting.
*Lito, Hernando, Dani return home from Pride, and are followed in by Joaquin, who has brought along Dani's parents. They threaten to cut her off from her trust fund if she doesn't come back with them, but she refuses to be swayed. (And Wolfgang lends Lito some courage against Joaquin.)
*Will's partner, Diego, meets Riley at the airport and takes her to the Superdawg stand, where she explains the truth about her & Will, and Will phones Diego to apologize for not being able to tell him the truth sooner.
*Capheus brings Zakia to meet his mother, who is teaching children dancing, and Zakia praises Capheus' decision to run for office. Capheus' mother is surprised and upset by the news, and fears he will end up dead like his father or corrupted by the system, but ultimately gives her blessing.
*Kala, at her parents' house, talks to Sun about her disappointment with Rajan. He arrives with flowers and an apology, promising that he will turn the company around and end the corrupt practices.
*Sun visits her parents' grave, and is joined by cluster, who have different opinions on whether to exact vengeance on her brother, but are all agreed that she will have their help no matter what.
*Lito goes to see his agent, excited by the 2 million hits his Pride Parade speech has gotten, only to learn that the agency has dropped him as a client, due to pressure from above/other clients. Lito leaves the office distraught, and a man in the elevator hugs & thanks him.
*Back at the cemetery, Woojin arrives. He tries to convince Sun to let him help her try to beat her brother by legal means, then offers to spar with her for it. They spar, and share a kiss, before Sun knocks him out.
*Will and Riley visit where they first kissed a year ago, then Mr. Hoy arrives with a message from the Archipelago, an address for Riley to go to immediately.
*Amanita wakes Nita in the night to show her footage of the mass shooting, which was at a talk by a politician, Mitchell Taylor. She has found a connection between Taylor & Ruth El-Sadaawi, and the shooter's identity is revealed (after his suicide in prison) to be Angelica's Todd. Amanita says Whispers must have been directing him.
*Diego brings Riley/Will to the meeting address and they find it's the church where Angelica died. In the basement, Riley finds an instruction to take a psi-blocker, and does. The meeting contact is revealed to be a woman who works for Kolovi, and who helped Angelica escape to birth the cluster. She writes an address on Riley's arm before leaving.
*Will, Sun, and Wolfgang, are outside Whispers' house. Will says Whispers sleeps with blockers, but thinks he is inside, and that they need to act soon.
*Jonas appears.
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They're pretty all over the place with Will and his use/non-use of the psi-blocker -- sometimes making a big deal about how cut off he is, but now having him visiting along with everyone else whenever it's dramatically convenient. Are we to understand that Whispers is more frightened of Will visiting him than Will is of being visited?

I figured we'd be seeing Jonas again eventually, considering that Angelica keeps popping up despite having been dead for a year. (Oh, and I keep meaning to say, does anyone else find something uncanny-valley-ish about flashback Angelica? Are they doing that CGI-botox thing that Supergirl used to do to Callista Flockhart, or has she had some unfortunate real-world cosmetic surgery that isn't so apparent when they film dead-Angelica because of the lighting & hairstyle?)
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Yeah, Darryl Hannah looks like she's wearing a mask of her own face. It's weird.
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They're pretty all over the place with Will and his use/non-use of the psi-blocker -- sometimes making a big deal about how cut off he is, but now having him visiting along with everyone else whenever it's dramatically convenient.

Puck made an offhand comment like "take it up with the FDA, oh wait, you can't" when Will or Riley complained about the inconsistency of the blockers. So I presume the in-universe explanation is that the blockers are far from rigorously quality-controlled and are variable in effect.
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I'm assuming Jonas is still dead and he's just pulling an Angelica somehow.

The beta blockers and pills and how they work are confusing me.

Did enjoy Detective Hot Cop and Sun's hot sparring, and Sun's group moment at the grave. Dani and the boys continue to be very sweet together, though now I'm wondering how any of them are going to afford their apartment. I also like Amanita's dads. Violence has a gender, indeed.

Oh, Rajan. You'd better stop selling old drugs ASAP or I am over you. That "you're so beautiful when you're angry" deserved a nut punch right there.
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I think at this point Will was less afraid of Whispers visiting because they have shown that it puts Whispers in more danger than they expected. And the address for Whispers was near London, so Will was the only physically capable of getting there (and let's face it, maybe one of three capable of handling himself once there).

The rest of the time it seems like he was visiting while still in the safe house (btw, the other talent of Riley is basically knowing where all the abandoned places are to crash at around the world. Not a bad skill when you're on the run.), so even if Whispers popped by, he could only see Will there and not know what Will is doing while visiting the cluster, Will could just stop talking I figure.

I also found it hard to take Rajan at his word that he's going to change, but I think the writers so far hasn't made us give up on him yet, that Kala's instinct about his goodness can still be trusted, just like deep down she knows Wolfgang is a good person.

Yeah, Darryl Hannah looks like she's wearing a mask of her own face. It's weird.

haha yes!

I don't think Jonas is dead. And Angelica visiting them are based on their shared genetic memory of her, instead of her actually visiting. Will's dream sequences are probably just dreams, although with terrifying accuracy because of shared memories with Angelica.
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And I think this episode shows that Detective Mun really isn't Woojin. He would remember the sex in the locker room and would probably bring that up, instead of his defeat as his main memory of Sun. When they kissed, it seemed like it's their first time.
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