Sense8: What Family Actually Means
May 7, 2017 2:43 PM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

A family wedding stirs up more trouble for Nomi. Daniela goes all out to land Lito the perfect role. One of the Sensates faces a devastating loss.

*Nomi toasts her sister at the wedding rehearsal dinner.
*Sun uses her fake ID at the Bak Gala employee entrance.
*Felix finds Wolfgang hiding out at the key shop, says everyone is looking for him. Wolfgang says he might need to leave Berlin, and Felix asks if it's time for "the India plan."
*Riley and Diego identify 'The Assistant' as Carol Cumberland. When they go to her address, Riley and Will see flashbacks of Angelica and Whispers approaching. In the basement, they find the room where Kovari and Whispers did the experiments that were on the recording Raoul's father gave Lito, and find a secret room where Angelica hid (zombified?)Raoul. Upstairs they see that Carol slit her wrists and died in the tub, and Jonas was there.
*In the marketplace, Capheus realizes he's being followed by some men and runs for it, then trips one and demands answers. Later he drives to Silas' house and asks for an explanation. Silas tells him that Mandiba put a bounty on Capheus, and he sent the men to protect him - partly because Mandiba is bad for his business and because of what Capheus did for him and his daughter, but also because he is in love with Capheus' mother and wants to marry her.
*Nomi, Amanita, and Bug arrive at the wedding ceremony tailed by Agent Bendix. He storms in and interrupts the exchange of vows to arrest Nomi. Nomi's parents give Teagan an earful of "we told you so!", as Amanita and Bug scramble to figure out how the E-Death failed, only to realize that Bendix didn't bother to check that his warrant was still valid. Nomi's father finally stands up for his daughter, and threatens to destroy Bendix's career if he doesn't leave, and the wedding ceremony resumes.
*Hernando brings a still-despondent (and watching The Graduate) Lito breakfast in bed, then Dani comes to say she has found Lito the perfect script, "Iberian Dreams." Lito loves the script but thinks he's doomed without an agent, but Dani phone-cons her way to getting them all flown to LA for an audition with the producer.
*Ajay shows up at Kala's with a late wedding gift, asks her to wait until Rajan is with her to open it.
*Will has more flashes of Whispers' life, sees him talking to a 'Mr. Secretary' about neuro-grafts. After examining the ID's from the safe, he tells Riley he thinks they can get to Whispers but she needs to get back to London and they need more blockers.
*Diego gets word that Will's father is dying, and Riley/Will & Diego go to the hospital. Will's father has septicemia, and eventually seems to recognize Will in Riley. He reminisces about how they used to play catch, wonders why they stopped. Little Will begs him not to go.
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I am utterly confused by the timeline for when Carol Cumberland died -- she had to be alive when she met Riley at the church, right. So, she was on the run/missing, then went to meet Riley, arranged via the sensate "Archipelago" network even though she's not a sensate, then went back home to kill herself? Where her corpse was found by someone, and reported, since Diego mentioned a toxicology report. And Jonas was there when she died - but isn't he physically in London still? How/why would he be witnessing her death? So confusing.

But, oh, man, did tiny-Will make me cry.
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Yeah, the show does an amazing job of weaving in and out characters/memories/places within a scene.

Carol was not a sensate?

The fake ID that Sun uses at the gala reads 900804-9412011.
First six digits is birthdate, YYMMDD. The digit after that, 9, signifies she is a male born in the 1800's. (2 would mean a female born in 1900's.)
The last digit is some sort of checksum which shouldn't be 1 for the shown ID number... Maybe Nomi outsourced the job :p
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I hate to say it, but Nomi's dad was right. She made it all about her.
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Carol was not a sensate?

That's the impression I had, but I could have misunderstood. Maybe it will be clearer on a re-watch.

I hate to say it, but Nomi's dad was right. She made it all about her.

Yeah, that toast was... awkward. A lovely story, but, I think they would have been better off writing that flashback into some earlier scene between Nomi and Amanita or the cluster, so it was there as subtext for a wedding toast about the actual marrying couple.
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Yeah, that toast was... awkward. A lovely story, but, I think they would have been better off writing that flashback into some earlier scene between Nomi and Amanita or the cluster, so it was there as subtext for a wedding toast about the actual marrying couple.

I mean, it started off very rough, and bitter, and self involved, but I think she salvaged it at the end. It worked, but it wasn't elegant. Which was probably the intent, I suppose.
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Bendix is seriously some kind enormous of asshole for interrupting the wedding ceremony. As if he couldn't just arrest her as she walked out of the church.
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I told myself that Nomi's sister wanted her to do the toast about their real relationship as sisters, and that's why she asked her.

I found Bendix busting into the church to be pretty much completely implausible, frankly. You don't bust up rich-people events. Not out of any respect for Nomi, obviously, but in order to prevent EXACTLY the thing that happened.

I'm having a really hard time keeping track of the events of Angelica's cluster and how they go back-and-forth in time.
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What's with Bendix's e-warrant? Is that really a thing? I confess I've never seen an arrest warrant (or search warrant or any kind of warrant) presented in real life, so I don't know whether those actually exist, but every other time I've seen it in TV or movies, whenever someone has demanded to "see the warrant," it's always been an actual paper warrant that the officer produces.

It kind of took me out of it when someone (I think Amanita) demands that Bendix produce the warrant, and instead of pulling out a piece of paper, he tries to pull it up on his smartphone. Of course, Nomi's e-death wouldn't eliminate an already existing warrant on paper, so I suppose it's necessary for the plot, but it seemed kind of a sloppy way to resolve that.
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Well, the Nomi plot went about as you'd figure: (a) Bendix would interrupt a wedding, (b) obviously e-death means nothing compared to a human with memory, (c) uh....yeah, that was fairly bad. I did enjoy Nomi's speech for the most part--I did expect it to be "all about her" and to some degree it was, but then again, Nomi's our main character and we've only seen Tegan in a few episodes, so singing her praises when we don't know her...actually, show did a good job on balancing that with history plot. But the wedding warrant, ridiculous.

I love Dani, she's such a charming firecracker.

So Ajay is presumably blackmailing Rajan somehow? Or putting him up to this drug scheme?
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Silas sent the men to protect Capheus, so when Capheus makes them and runs, they do the logical thing and... chase him? WTF?
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So Ajay was a straight up creep and I'm glad we're getting more reasons to dislike him.

Well when the guy you're protecting runs, you better run after him, even if he's running away from you. Although they really could've just yelled after him that they're on his side.

The wedding warrant was hilarious to me after the fact. And I really enjoyed seeing Nomi's dad standing up for her. But yeah, totally about her. Teagan can't be too mad though, since she insisted on Nomi being there. I'm not sure on what the deal is with e-warrant either, but that's slightly implausible. (Although really, this show rests on implausibilities, so I don't care that much at this point). I laughed though when the congresswoman stood up and was like "I'M A CONGRESSPERSON" at Neet's imploring of contacting a congressperson about this.

Ugh, tears for little Will.
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