Samurai Jack: XCIX
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The relationship between Jack and Ashi takes a turn while they are hunted by one of the galaxy's deadliest creatures.
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I have to be honest, I'm bummed out that Ashi and Jack have become a romantic couple. I can see that this could heighten tension when they're facing Aku, which is how I assume this will play out, but that still could have happened as a platonic/ familial connection. Oh well....
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apparently tumblr is having a civil war over this because... of course they are.
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This is also a case where I think that Samurai Jack's stylistic approach to time compression doesn't serve it well. Because romance between Jack and Ashi did feel a little rushed, until I thought back about how much time must have actually passed in the last 3 episodes. It clicked in after that.

One thing I thought was really interesting about this is that they spent far more time establishing why Ashi might be attracted to Jack than they did on Jack being attracted to Ashi. The end of the giant monster episode has that moment where Ashi herself having something in common with Jack; when she flashes back to the ladybug that found its way into gloomy torture cave. Then they're travelling together presumably for a long time. Then Ashi is tracing Jack's footsteps and seeing what he's done in the world. In the last episode they even addressed the point I was wondering about. Ashi's pretty clearly decided that the blame is on the cult who trained them to be nothing but weapons and sent them out to kill or be killed. Given all that I can see how something romantic could plausibly have developed, for her, particularly given how often and how well Jack rocked the ragged loincloth look.

Jack by contrast has had very little that flagged the possibility of a romantic interest in Ashi. Jack's been in far more of a mentoring role, and far more pre-occupied with his own demons. Though that could be the explanation right there. Jack's pain was blinding him to more than how he could find his sword and continue his mission.
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Yeah, the episode where Ashi was travelling the world seeing what Jack did to undo Aku's evil was very unclear just exactly how much time passed from Jack going away thinking he killed the children in the factory and Ashi finally founding him.

Of course, now the problem is exactly what will Jack do if his feelings for Ashi get in the way of his mission to stop Aku, as she's likely bound to him in some way. Maybe there's another Time Portal, and Jack must choose between going back to kill Aku in the past and erase the present and future, or decides he can't undo the past, but still bring a better future.
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More antics between the boyfriend and I! Both of us don't really like this relationship between Aishi and Jack but we can live with it. It's not a big deal to us.

Boyfriend feels this is even more reason for Jack not go to back to the past. (something he is very much against Jack doing, citing reasons of all the lives he's helped and made better in the future)

I feel like Jack has to go back to the past. He might help the occasional tribe or group get out of Aku's tyranny, but if Aku wasn't a thing there would be no (Aku-driven) tyranny for Jack to have to save them from. Even more people would be saved if Jack stopped Aku in the past.

Jack is frozen in time, so I'll assume this goes both ways. If Jack takes Aishi back to the past with him, Aishi would be frozen in time and safe from any effects of defeating Aku before he takes over the planet.
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Hah, I fucking called it.
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Let's say Jack has fought Aku for 50 years. If we assume that the first four seasons encompasses some chunk of that (though we really don't know), and assume that Jack has had no romantic anything for 50 years, I say, cut the super samurai some slack. ;)

I say Jack does go back to the past, or if not, he somehow annihilates Aku. What happens to Ashi, I got nuthin'. My feeling is that at this point in what is left of the show, Genndy is not going to suddenly turn it all dark again, tho.
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