The 100: The Other Side
May 11, 2017 2:03 PM - Season 4, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Clarke faces the consequences of her controversial choice. Raven makes another choice with her space plans. Monty tries again to convince Jasper and Harper.

It's getting harder and harder to make spoiler-proof descriptions!

How bad-ass is Raven? Like holy shit. And I'm glad Sinclair made a cameo! When I saw the shadow I completely forgot about him and totally expected it to be Finn.

I was also unexpectedly taken aback by Echo agreeing to wait for Bellamy to open the door, because she knows how much he loves Octavia. So much feels.

So for the culmination of consequences. Back to the number 100. Too bad they threw out that list right?
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Yeah, this was dark. Very much what I watch The 100 for.

* Goddamn, Jasper.

That was a rough scene to watch, even though it's a relief that his desire for suicide is finally resolved one way or the other. (On this show, it was probably too much to ask that he find a happy ending.)

* Goddamn, Clarke.

This is, of course, not Clarke's first time doing something awful. She got the title 'Wanheda' honestly. Seeing her go this far on her own is both a logical extension of her increasing desperation, and of the choices she'd made up until now, but it was still something to see. Like, this was definitely a new line being crossed.

* Goddamn, Raven.

Yep, Raven is a total badass. And I loved hallucinatory Sinclair coming to save her.

* Goddamn, Abbey.

And hey, Abbey's useful and doing the right thing! Who knew that could happen?

So yeah, still loving this season. I feel like a lot of the rough spots that occurred in S3 have been smoothed over or moved past, and the show is back to just working for me.
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Abbey's priority seems to be Clarke -> Kane -> Doing the right thing. Probably some other people she cares about come before doing the right thing. In this instance she knew Clarke would be spared because she has friends among the Grounders, but she wasn't about to let Kane die.

The whole show is a desperate balancing act between surviving and protecting the people you love, and every decision Skaikru makes come down to that. Every Grounder is more focused on their clan's interest and gaining power versus their own morality about other humans' survival, with various minutiae in between about their family and loved ones, at least with Indra and previously Lincoln. Roan seems capable if he had anyone he actually cared about.

I forgot to comment on Jasper, Harper and Monty. That was hard to watch. I'm glad there was a resolution for Jasper, even though it was so sad, but it was expected. The real happiness, I suppose, is Harper wanting to stay alive with Monty. Her fake speech about "you're not enough for me to stay alive" was fucking savage, though.
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Her fake speech about "you're not enough for me to stay alive" was fucking savage, though.

Yes, yes it was. Man. The 100 never skips twisting the knife.
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So, Clarke is a nightblood now, could she survive on the surface ?
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She could, but it's not really clear to me what sort of plant/animal life is going to survive for someone on the surface to eat. It's going to be a rough five years.
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So, are all 400+ Skaikru already in the bunker? Are 300 of them going to have to be forced out at gun/swordpoint? That's gonna be rough.

A bit late to the party, I know
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