The 100: Die All, Die Merrily
May 4, 2017 11:53 AM - Season 4, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Octavia fights in the final battle for survival, but not everyone is willing to play fair.

Roan :(

I guess we saw that coming... But I definitely didn't see Clarke agreeing to steal the bunker for Skaikru like that. Man... the writers really throw the morality gauntlet at her don't they?
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It's really hard to see the way out here. Having taken this action, Clarke and Jaha need to stay the course. If they soften, try to let anyone else in, why should the grounders let *any* of their people stay in there?

It's also deeply foolish because I don't believe they fill anywhere near the 1200 capacity of that place, and they really should be thinking about genetic diversity and population bottlenecks right now.
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Jaha, Clarke: Y'all are just NuMountain people now, assholes. I hate that there's literally an attempted or successful genocide every.single.SEASON on this show :(

Octavia com Floorkru + CommanderRaven forever!
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... holy shit, didn't see that coming. But it also makes sense in context.

Gotta hand it to The 100 - they know how to keep things tense and horrible the whole way through. (I knew Roan was going to bite it as soon as Luna declared her intentions, which might be my favorite single moment this season. "I fight for no one! I fight for *death!*" Damn.)
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This show is so good. I LOVE Octavia being a total badass again - then of course turning around and being the "good guy" with Clarke basically saying "screw all y'all." What was their plan to grab the last couple people stuck out there? Was there one? Would Abby leave Kane out there to die?

And so sad that two very attractive male characters are gone! Even my husband agreed that Roan is smokin'.
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Was there one?

I think there's not - the second they open the doors again, they're outnumbered massively. Guns and chokepoint or no, they'll lose the fortress. I'm thinking them grabbing Bellamy was pure luck while cleaning up loose ends around the base of the tower.

I also think this was Clarke's desperation move after Roan turned down an alliance against Luna - I think she would've let Ice Nation have it during the initial setup, just so some people would live, but she figured Luna was going to murderize everybody.

Personally, I don't think people would've let Luna prevent *someone* from having it. In the end, winning the Conclave or not, my feeling is that an angry mob or conspiracy would've gone through her to get in there.
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