Lucifer: God Johnson
May 15, 2017 8:59 PM - Season 2, Episode 16 - Subscribe

The prime suspect in a grisly murder at an insane asylum calls himself God, and Lucifer begins to realize that the man may just be his father.
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I was a little disappointed by this episode; I was hoping for a recurring role for Omundson-God. Also, I'm not sure that the twist/reveal of Earl only having taken on divine powers because of the piece of the Sword works in retrospect. How did he recognize Lucifer as Samael?

Not that it was a bad episode, the ensemble brought the crazy-fun as usual. Just not what I was expecting. (I remember back in the Jeremy Piven "Cupid" series, David Johansen appeared a couple of times as a homeless guy who Cupid believed was really Zeus - the show never confirmed it either way, since they never confirmed whether Piven was really Cupid, but I guess I was expecting Lucifer's God to be either as real as Charlotte or ambiguous like Cupid's Zeus, not a gotcha.)
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Yeah, I was hoping more for this episode. In retrospect, I don't know that it could have delivered what it promised. But it didn't suck. I like the ending -- that pairing has potential.
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If they ever decide to actually have Lucifer's father show up in LA for a chat they can't possibly outdo the acting in this episode. So I wish they had left the question of whether or not it was actually him up in the air. Oh well. It was pretty obvious that it wasn't really his father relatively early in the episode which made me enjoy it less since I was just waiting for Lucifer to figure that out.
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It managed to be a fun episode despite that twist at the end. I guess Amenadiel was right when he said the artifacts give humans the power and knowledge of the divine. I wonder if there will soon be a field trip to "New Mexico."
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The (lack of) coherent theology on the show is starting to annoy me. That would seem to be an important thing for a show about Lucifer Morningstar.
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Really? I sort of like that it is just some slapdash alternative non-monotheistic version of the Abrahamic belief. Anything else would have just been unwieldy -- it would invite more scrutiny that a show this light can sustain.
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Also still wondering on the Samael referencr and reuniting with the ex. That seemed...authentic.

Lucifer does The Parent Trap?!
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