Into the Badlands: Chapter XV: Nightingale Sings No More
May 15, 2017 8:29 PM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

The Widow suffers a setback with her new alliance. Bajie reveals a secret from his past.

Y'know, the longer this show goes on, the more vague these descriptions will have to get. There's so much story packed into each episode, and with the cliffhangers from this episode, my post for the next one will have to be like "EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING".

So we find out Flea is Minerva, which I'm surprised but not shocked to find out... we knew from the way he was telling it that it's someone we already know, but because Bajie never shared Flea's age, we couldn't really guess. I was actually hoping it was Lydia, just for the shock value. I'm not keen on that reveal being done at the beginning of the episode though. The shock from MK finding out was greatly dampened because we already knew. But the way this show is always presented, shoehorning that flashback in the middle of the episode would've felt disjointed.

I wonder if Waldo will end up fighting (and probably losing to) Sunny, based on their goodbye scene.

Lastly... Tilda :-(
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is it just me or does it feel like more things are happening because the plot requires it rather than because it makes sense? for example, Sunny having to run after the Armadillo guy blew himself up (or did i miss something in that scene) - even the Widow/Tilda fight felt forced (though it was a good fight and I'm glad they didn't have Tilda win against the clearly more experienced fighter)
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The suicide bomber told Sunny that the Widow sent Vail and Henry back to Quinn. Then he blows himself up, and in the immediate aftermath the Widow throws a knife or star at Sunny. Obviously she believed that Sunny believed the bomber, so had decided that the prospect of aligning with Sunny was too dangerous. It made sense to me, very much in line with the Widow being driven not by principle but expediency.

The Tilda fight felt a bit... reluctant, on the Widow's part, at least at first. In her heart of hearts she knows that she's abandoned principle in the pursuit of victory, and to have Tilda throw it in her face keeps her from lying to herself (or makes it clear that not everyone buys it). She doesn't want to fight Tilda because it means the Widow can't persuade her. I am still wondering if that final blow actually killed Tilda or not.
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Tilda, no!!
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