Dear White People
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Anyone interested in watching/re-watching Dear White People? Season 1 is complete on Netflix and there are 10 episodes of about 25 minutes each. It has a 100% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes and I think it's one of the best shows I've ever watched.

If anyone is interested, I'd love thoughts on how far apart to space episodes, since they're so short. I couldn't really do a full-season recap but I'd be happy to discuss the show in one if someone else wanted to do it.
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I binged this over two days. It's a fantastic show. There's a natural break, plot-wise, but in retrospect I wish I'd hoarded the episodes.

There was a pretty good discussion on the blue.
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I haven't watched yet and I would be interested! My watching schedule can be a little unpredictable but I'll chime in as I can.
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I'm also interested!
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At first, I was bored by the repeat of the movie plot, but the last half of the episodes are very good, and I enjoyed the perspective-based nature of the tv episodes.
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I haven't watched the series yet, but it's on the list, would be happy if there were episode posts to prompt me. (Though, I guess that doesn't always work, since I haven't started Master of None S2 yet, but I think those were going up on Fanfare the same weekend that I was melting my brain binge-posting "Anne")
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Does it get better on gender/character development? I loved the movie, but the execution of the Cosby joke they put in the first episode just gutted me. I get that the point is to compare the treatment of Cosby to white sexual predators. But I just don't buy that two political women would even entertain the idea that he's not a sexual predator.

Saying he's probably guilty after 60 accusations is just such a male reaction compared to definitely guilty.

I fully acknowledge it was a small thing. But it was early enough in the character development, I noped out in case the rest felt equally inauthentic.
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Second series is even better. sorry about the cosby thing, i think they made it up to you this year?
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