Into the Badlands: Wolf's Breath, Dragon Fire
May 25, 2017 10:54 AM - Season 2, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Sunny faces the toughest challenge of his life. Bajie's loyalties are tested.

Uuuuuuuugggggggggggghhhhhhhh. I had really high hopes for this finale and they go and fridge the only black woman in the main cast. WTF writers! If you were going to fridge a woman, which you don't need to do, Lydia would've been so much better. Lydia is running out of story, I don't see her being useful in the next season, other than random plot points that a newly introduced character could carry out. But her death could invigorate Veil into some kind of action, or even have her die saving Henry, spurring on Sunny.

I suppose there's a little redemption in that she chose to dealt her own final blow, also killing Quinn, but I'm mad that Sunny himself didn't think to y'know, chop Quinn's head off when he's on the ground, considering he already got back up once after getting stabbed by a thrown sword. You can see how stubborn and strong he is, you should make sure he's dead dead.

At least they left Tilda and Odessa alone. I guess not burying the gays means fridging a woman...

But ok all the fight scenes were like 100% badass. I want to see more of Nick Frost and nunchucks. Like in everything he'll star in.
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Awww c'mon. Martin Csokas should've been dead three times before rising once more. I even said to myself, 'hey Sunny - after last time, maybe you should stab him a few more times while he's on the floor before going to Veil.' Yeah, not thrilled with that decision (unless maybe they had to write her out of the script because of other obligations - because after all that pursuit, having them go their separate ways wouldn't have made much sense).

And yeah, the fight scenes were amazing.
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also, i don't know if this was posted already but Badlands was renewed for 16 episodes of season 3 coming in 2018
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Season 1 & 2 now on Netflix.
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Sunny’s tragic flaw is clearly that he leaves everything half done.
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I'm here 2 and a half years later and it looks like MeFi kind of forgot about this show. Only 2 posters in this last thread, next season only has one post for it, and the show's been cancelled. Oh well too bad.

I'm here to say I still enjoyed this show and it was enjoyable. The second season's addition of Bajie was welcome, he brought some lightness and mystery to the story. I thought the general plot structure of being outside the Badlands for half the season was a mistake. And Sunny was left bereft of anything other than grim determination for the whole season.

This last episode felt super rushed, like they had 3 episodes of plot to fit in one hour. And yeah, killing Veil was super shitty. Also totally unnecessary. Maybe her agent saw which way the wind was blowing and negotiated her a better contract? She landed a lead on Charmed so it seems to have worked out OK for her.

Onward to Season 3!
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