Silicon Valley: The Keenan Vortex
June 12, 2017 5:07 AM - Season 4, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Richard ponders a deal with the tech world's latest "it" boy; Jack faces setbacks.
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The scene where Jack and Security Guy are watching that Gavin presentation and calling his mundane delivery genius may be the most purely sarcastic thing I've ever seen on TV.
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That's a pretty solid episode. As with recent episodes there was too much jammed into an hour for my tastes, but it had some nice turns and there's something to look forward to and wonder about for the next one.

When I heard that T.J. Miller was leaving the show I wondered how they'd send such an integral character away plausibly but this seems to be a pretty solid start! I'm kind of torn on him leaving. I really like Miller and the character, but it's such a good ensemble that it'll be fine without him. It could also (I'd hope) create a character vacuum that can be filled by women at the coder level who are more than just an episode of comic relief or pushing a story line and then off they go into FBI custody or whatever.
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Did they actually say how Keenan screwed Erlich over? Had he not signed the contract, or was there some othre machination I didn't catch?
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Yeah - When Erlich is running through the play-by-play "10 minutes later, we were in a handshake deal at Raviga"
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Keenan signed the buyout deal before the Pied Piper paperwork got to him.
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I'm going to go ahead and assume Keenan Feldspar is a close relation to Craig Feldspar.
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This episode seemed targeted at people who complain about the show resetting everything all the time, because it felt like there were about three resets within the one episode.

I liked the callback to everyone waiting for Richard and he comes in behind them.

If the Keenan Vortex ends up swallowing Action Jack's tenure at Hooli, does this mean we'll get Big Head as the new CEO?
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My husband didn't immediately recognize the Jared implementation & deployment of the Bad News Sweater.

I loved that the sole selling point of the VR demo was that you were allowed to look at the barmaid for as long as you wanted. TOO REAL, SV WRITERS
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So does Dinesh's hacker girlfriend make a (virtual) appearance at Hoolicon to help the team with their "forced adoption?" Or did that plot line actually accomplish nothing? (I think I know the answer here.)
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I can't believe it took me like three episodes to realize Keenan is the "I see dead people" kid.
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He was also little Forrest Gump and he does look a bit like very beardy running across the country Forrest Gump now.
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