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High school student Mitsuko is menaced by a malevolent breeze.
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Content warning: gore, violence, upskirts.
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I remember thinking it was heavy on the gay relationships that form in girls' schools, and that was before the pig headed husband emerged from his coffin on the altar.
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Definitely not just you, fleacircus.

I need someone to really lay out the subtext of this film for me.
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OK so this is what I got from the film-warning there be spoilers here.

So basically there is more than one reveal. The first reveal is that this is all a game. Mitsuko is part of a game and her suffering is merely entertainment. This certainly explains how two female teachers turn into super sexualized shooters for no reason.

The second reveal is that she is not just a character but actually an avatar created from DNA. She's a PERSON being treated like she's fictional. That's why she attacks old dude's younger avatar saying "Stop playing with us." The idea behind the film is that women are merely playthings. Old dude keeps Mitsuko alive for 150 years so he can bed her without any consideration of her desires,

It's a metaphor for how women are treated in real life, like just playthings for pleasure. Essentially, there are a few narrow identities they can conform to (school girl, bride, athlete) and they exist for the pleasure of men. Even their love and support of each other, their deaths, all exploited for the pleasure of men.

The end of the movie seems to suggest that there is no escape from this.

I really enjoyed this movie. I wouldn't have watched it if not for this movie club as the netflix description wasn't....inviting. I'll definitely watch it again and dude who does gymnastics in a pig head deserves some sort of award.
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I should add the goal of the "game" is that she get bedded by old dude's younger avatar.
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Holy shit, what an opening scene.
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You know that movie Zack Snyder likes to pretend he made when he made Sucker Punch? This is a lot closer to it than that film was.
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Aw dang, Sion Sono turns out to be a real piece of shit.
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