My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 359: Tumnus Opportunities
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Hello friends! We are coming to you pre-recorded from E3 and we have all the hot scoops the we bet are definitely going to be something that happens in the future! So, enjoy this episode and all the HOT SCOOPS (from the past). Suggested Talking Points: Big Fuzzy Balls, Screen Door Stories, Lame Duck, Levelated Dragons, Bound By Beads, Permanently Sealed, Taxi Cab Water Confessionals, Fresh Start/No Crumbs, High Noon For Garys
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they're going to need to do another star graphic that reads THE MCELROYS SAY: DON'T FORK A LAWN!
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Also maybe Don't Drink Pool Water, Justin!
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The physical response Griffin had to Justin's water-drinking story was exactly the same response I had to this recent video of Griffin eating a banana the wrong way, to the point where I almost wonder if he found that the only way to erase a viscerally upsetting imagined sensation was to overwrite it with a viscerally upsetting actual sensation.

(If you watch that video, the sound absolutely needs to be on.)
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The crounch ) :
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I love the Yahoo questions that clearly have a deep and rich backstory that we are not a party to, like the Gary question. It's fun to imagine the ludicrous and asinine circumstances that drive someone to ask a question like that, and it makes me all the more grateful for AskMe.
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I had seen a gif of the banana video, but then I watched the actual thing with the sound on and, yes. You have to hear the sound. It is... I mean I could not stop rewatching that clip and laughing in horror.

Also yeah dear god that bottled water story.
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I would much rather drink a full 8-ounce glass of people-soup swimming pool water than drink from a water bottle of unknown provenance.

I'm not sure that this is the right answer (there's going to be so much pee in that people soup), but I'm also not sure that there is a right answer.

Sea of Thieves raised the stakes on the banana thing.
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