iZombie: Conspiracy Weary
June 14, 2017 1:32 PM - Season 3, Episode 11 - Subscribe

When Liv, Blaine and Don E consume a zombie truther brain, paranoia follows. Liv reveals the truth about Major's new "friend". Ravi discovers something shocking.

Ok, so I was wrong, Rachel is actually a reporter, not an agent. I guess DDAY is happening, but in a different way!

I knew Harley got zombified as soon as they found him on that couch! I guess Blaine scratched him good. Now I wonder who was really behind that family's death.

I can see where Shawna is coming from; some sort of "I like getting famous through infamous people, and you need some public cleansing to show you're not scary!" But if I was Major I don't think I could continue that... arrangement either.

I called it with Baracus being involved in the cover up. It's definitely Filmore-Graves, right?
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Ugh, Shawna. Just ugh. These sudden hot girls out of nowhere are so fishy.

Go Peyton.

Thanks for the shirtless scene, Jason!

It's been awhile, I do not remember exactly what people think the Chaos Killer/Kidnapper was doing at this point?

It's D-Day!
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I'm surprised Shauna turned out to just be a regular old weirdo, and not up to Sinister Doings.

Liv, Don-E and Blaine all on conspiracy theory brain is excellent. Also, I really like how Liv seems to be pushing back against the brain of the week a bit more now that she's come to terms with her guilt about Drake. Her personality swings getting exaggerated into full-on caricatures is one of my few complaints about the season and they've actually explained it well!
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jenfullmoon, I was wondering that about the Chaos Killer too. Unfortunately the wikia hasn't been updated in a while (there's almost no info for season 3). But this reddit thread jogged my memory.

Major gets arrested for the Chaos Killer evidence at his house (fentanyl injections, etc) and charged with murder in the Chaos Killer case. Then he gets released, then gets REARRESTED on the stairs of the jail for the Meat Cute murders. The Clive gets that case dropped based on "lack of evidence" or something like that.

Then the CHaos Killer victims are released and the newspaper has a Chaos Killer article with Major's picture directly below the header with some caption like Chaos Killer Scapegoat or Mastermind?

posted by numaner at 12:11 PM on June 15, 2017

RE: the coverup, I think it's probably Chase more than "Fillmore-Graves" as a whole. Vivian seemed to more-or-less have her head on straight (Rob Thomas dinner aside), and the other staff members generally don't seem that power-hungry either.

Unless there's potentially a bigger villain out there (whatever happened to that cult from season 2?).
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They're with Liz's brother in nowhereville.
posted by Justinian at 1:44 AM on June 16, 2017

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