iZombie: Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1
June 29, 2017 6:59 AM - Season 3, Episode 12 - Subscribe

When Liv consumes the brains of someone from Ravi's past, she begins having some very intimate visions of him; Major faces a huge decision.

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I loved Clive's germophobic reactions. I feel like they half-assed the thing about visions of sex with Ravi. There's so much potential there and they kind of threw it away.
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I mean, Ravi is HOT.

They made us watch Liz acting like an elderly racist curmudgeon and a spiritual woo yoga enthusiast and all kind of other wacky hijinks, but they deny us more first-person sexytimes with Ravi? Boooooooooo.
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Finally got caught up. And I'm surprised nobody here commented on how absolutely unacceptable Ravi is about Liv's vision. Did you see my wang? You're welcome. Seriously? It wouldn't be Ravi without some humor about it and I don't mind it a little saucy since they're good friends. But after someone has been expressing to you for days that they're uncomfortable with this it's just full-on bro behavior.
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I really didn’t like this episode. They don’t give us a good reason why Liv is more compelled by this brain than others - and also, isn’t any human/zombie intimate contact dangerous? I find it hard to believe she would be so careless.
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