Orphan Black: Clutch of Greed
June 18, 2017 5:19 AM - Season 5, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Sarah receives a damning ultimatum from Rachel. Donny and Helena visit the hospital.
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While MK always felt like a throw-away character, her demise really felt overly brutal for my tastes. Yeah, I know Ferdinand is a psychopath, but still. The wife and I had to turn our heads.

I also don't get why Sarah doesn't believe Kira when she has her "feelings" (i.e. MK being dead.) She knows Kira's special in that way.

So, where do we think Helena (with her super bebbies) escapes to that's so secret?
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Yeah, the MK murder was really over the top for me. We allready know Ferdinand is a sadistic bastard, no need to show it again.

I think Helena is either going to the ship where she was held in season 1 or the burnt down Hendrik farm from season 2.
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MK's sacrificing herself was out of step with her loner persona, too. It's a bit hard to believe that her one act of trying to bond with a sister clone is to willfully give herself over to certain death. And the brutality of it just felt cheap and lazy.
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Anyone else get the sense that Westmoreland is drugging his followers to make them compliant?

I'm going to vote for Maggie Chan's locker as the meeting place, but I'm sure Donnie will give away the location soon enough.
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Yikes! That was brutal. (Although I was worried that there was going to be a rape, too.) MK deserved more time. At least her sweater's still around.

I did not expect to see Westmoreland so soon, although I guess things need to be moving along at a fair clip now.

I don't see where any of this is going, and I'm starting to worry that the ending is going to be a big mess.
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I don't see where any of this is going, and I'm starting to worry that the ending is going to be a big mess.

I mean...What exactly is the goal of the clone club now? Do they all need the "cure" that Cosima is guinea-pigging herself on? I've honestly lost track of that part of the puzzle.

I have this deep, deep fear that the ending will be a typical blood bath.

(For some reason, I also foresee some epic hand-to-hand combat between two or more clones, if for no other reason than for the awesome SFX it would require.)
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So to lighten things up a bit, I'd like to talk about that photo of KT, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle & a tortoise. KT is photoshopped in, obviously. But that really is ACD & I'm not positive but I believe the tortoise's name is Dorando. And therein lies the tale. I present to you The Case of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle & the Olympic Runner.
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So if the kid is psychic and the kid likes Rachel, Rachel must not be too totally bad. Unless it turns out kid is the
(psychic) ((perhaps unconsciously)) puppet master and needs to be close to the action to maintain control to be able to give actual evil Rachel her full comeuppance.

It just totally needs to end on a group celebration scene that pushes the limits of filmmaking technology. They toast and one previously normal allied character congratulates the win, leaves the room and with a check of privacy shakes out their prehensile tail and walks away to the sounds of the group.
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That was really quite hard to watch. Not sure if the show is getting more violent or if I've just forgotten previous instances.
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It's steadily gotten more violent season-to-season. This episode does not bode well for the rest of this season if you are violence-adverse.
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I recently rewatched the first episode, with BBC America's "enhanced" edition which was basically pop-up videos but "modern". They didn't shy away from the damage done to Beth by the train, as well as all the physical stuff with Vic. I feel like they started off at a violent enough bar that, in order to raise it for the coming climax, it's like anything goes now.
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I wonder: Can Kira feel the clones she hasn't met?
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well Kira has become quite the little troll, hasn't she. The writing is completely out of character for her. Even if Rachel is deigning to allow the clones to be cured (which I am skeptical of), she's not doing it out of the goodness of her heart which Kira should be picking up on since she's gifted that way.

This was the umpteenth time that Sarah has tried to spirit Kira away from the bad guys--and from S and Felix as well (didn't realise that when they were setting up the plan) so I'm not disappointed that it failed.

MK was a great character with a brutal ending and Clone Club could've used her expertise to bring down Fantasy Island. Now it's up to... Ira?
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Dang, that was stupid and bad. Kira doesn't want to go away, Sara isn't paying enough attention to her to see what's up, and MK died for absolutely nothing. What a waste.

At this point, I think Helena and Donnie are the only things making me want to keep going. And wanting to see Art turn the tables on his "partner."
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