RuPaul's Drag Race: Reunited
June 17, 2017 10:11 AM - Season 9, Episode 13 - Subscribe

The queens meet up to discuss the season and spill alllllll the tea. "Miss Congeniality" is crowned.
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I almost didn't watch because I figured this would be boring, but it did not disappoint! Where were these girls all season long during "RuPaul's Best Friend Race"?
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Why why why can't I find the full Kardashian musical anywhere online? I am desperate to see it again!
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I know! Why would VH1 limit their clip to a short portion of the "full" musical?
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I was genuinely surprised at how much I ended up disliking Valentina (who seems to have bought into her own hype -- she was great and fun on the show but now she just seems conceited) and how much I ended up liking Farrah Moan, who really did nothing for me on the show (she was really funny and just seems more comfortable. I feel like the show gave her the confidence boost she needed).

It was good to see Eureka again. She looked great and seemed like she's doing well. I think I'll watch next season for her.
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I was shocked by Valentina's hesitation to disavow her fans' death threats towards Alexis and Nina. Yikes. Not a good look. And I loved how Aja practically did a spit-take when Valentina compared herself to Selena.

MVP: Peppermint's titties.
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I haven't heard anything about the social media drama. There were death threats???
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Yeah, wow, just watched this and the more I think about it the more stunning it is. (I mean, obviously, within the world of silly reality competition shows...)

Those final moments, of Valentina winning Miss Congeniality, and her colleagues utterly saying "Well, what is it? Is it Miss Congeniality or is it Fan Favorite?" And then MAKING HER STAND UP AND RECEIVE THEIR APPLAUSE FOR "FAN FAVORITE."?!?! Gutted.

Sasha didn't have too much to say during all of this but just from her glances you could tell she was not here for any foolishness.
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Oh my goodness, so. much. shade! And straight-up reading! ALL THE TEA! ALL OF IT! Weren't the prior season penultimate episodes generally kinder? Was this season that much drama? Should I go back and watch all the Untucked episodes?

darksong: I was genuinely surprised at how much I ended up disliking Valentina (who seems to have bought into her own hype -- she was great and fun on the show but now she just seems conceited)

Seconded (and thirded, from Mrs. flt) -- my wife pointed out she is, or has turned into, something of a Violet Chachki -- young and high on her own hype. Except towards the end of her season, Violet got to be more likable, but now I have left Team Valentina after this episode.

Also, Charlie was sad -- throwing out all the excuses possible, instead of saying something like "I was over it at that point, and looking back now, I realized I threw away a great opportunity. The show is challenging and stressful, and I let that get the best of me."

I'm looking forward to Season 10, to see more of Eureka O'Hara. I don't know if she'll make it all the way (Cynthia Lee Fontaine is proof that coming back from a prior season is no reason you'll do particularly well), but I really hope she makes it to the reading episode, and/or some comedy episodes.
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This was filmed the day after the finale so there were a few Bitter Betty's for sure.
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Man, I really missed this format for the reunion! There's a level of artful cattiness that was present in previous seasons but missing in most of what we saw this time around, and it was shocking but satisfying to see it on full display tonight.

Shea and Trinity were going in in a way that I found kind of surprising (well, for Shea at least). Shea in particular was reading people left and right. The exchange with Valentina was brutal - Shea's expression was very controlled but you could tell she was just radiating contempt. And Trinity immediately comparing Alexis to a honey-baked ham with zero remorse during the impromptu reading challenge made me scream. It was so mean, and yet so appropriate given the lead-up.

Also, I totally agree with a review I read that mentioned it was kinda fun to watch Sasha be kind of a bitch and read someone (the exchange with Alexis!), even though I liked RuPaul's Group Therapy Race as much as the next homo with lingering childhood psychological trauma, lol. In the web extras and the few minutes of workroom footage we were shown this season, Sasha does occasionally show a playfully shady side ("you told a joke!" or "generic pageant hair"), but this was the first time besides the ball that I've really seen her bare her claws and it felt good to see that she's not a doormat.

Eureka, Farrah, and Aja were absolute delights. That back-and-forth reading between Eureka and Trinity was everything. And Aja continues to be meme-worthy in the best way; her facial expressions, her lip-sync to her own words, the gag-worthy interruption of Valentina's Miss C acceptance speech. Bring this bih back for AS3! (Maybe take some acting classes tho, girl.) And Farrah totally redeemed herself with two back-to-back zingers and then one of the best reality TV face-crack moments during Val's MC coronation ("you don't love me" -- ouch!!!). It really goes to show that the problem this season wasn't the casting, it was the production failing to give us anything particularly interesting.

Tonight was not a good look for Valentina. There's something about her that I still find totally fascinating -- the artificiality, the glamour and positivity with a slight undercurrent of tragedy/poignancy/distance, etc. But it's clear that it comes with a level of grandiose diva self-involvement that she needs to learn to work against, at least if she wants to have meaningful personal relationships and not burn bridges left and right. I felt awful for her, being humiliated a second time on camera, but I could hardly say it was unfair either, given what the other girls brought up. And Reddit is full of receipts about the awfulness of her fans (ironically, given her Chicano pride speech, a vocal subset of her fans have displayed shocking and aggressive racism towards the Black RPDR contestants, and transphobia in Peppermint's case).

I wonder if All Stars 3 will actually be enough time for her to gain any humility or to mature in the necessary ways, since rumor is it's being filmed right after Season 10 -- around 1.5 years is not very much time at all for character growth, though of course it's also hard to judge someone's character from less than an hour of TV. Or maybe we'll get a full-on Villaintina edit next time, who knows.

In short, this reunion was perfect, it was beautiful, etc.
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MVP: Peppermint's titties.

Tens across the board!

All of the top 4 looked great, actually. I loved Sasha's anti-fit sweatsuit (?) thing.
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You know if your fans are getting called out for death threats, comparing yourself to Selena seems like a dangerous choice.
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True. :/

I truly cannot understand why any celebrity wouldn't INSTANTLY repudiate that kind of behavior from their fanbase. Like, the second they became aware of it. It's really damning.
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Best comment on Reddit: "Well at least this time Valentina did actually remove her mask"
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Take Miss Congeniality away from Valentina and give it to Aja, just for those reaction gifs
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If Aja isn't on AS3 or AS4 I will set fire to the rain
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I loved Shea in this. Every glance, word, and movement said "this is My season, bitch".

Also Peppermint's golden titties, I could not look away. So pretty.
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It dawned on me when watching the episode that Valentina's fans would have organised a vote and that she'd take Miss Congeniality. I was disappointed. Good on Aja for calling it out, as Valentina does seem to have gotten mighty full of herself since the season filmed. I wanted Peppermint to win Miss Congeniality, though.

I noticed that on the day of the reunion show, Valentina finally put a video on her Instagram telling her fans not to attack people. I guess that's a start.

I like all of the final four so much I can't even say whose "team" I'm on. I think I'm slightly #teamshea, but not particularly so. I'd be happy with any of them winning, but think it might come down to Shea vs Trinity, with Peppermint eliminated first, followed by Sasha.
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Not for nothing, but the queens were absolutely right about the award title- in pageants, the contestants vote on Miss Congeniality, which Valentina would clearly not have won in this group. Ru's reaction to their renaming the award is probably my rewatch moment of the week; too funny.
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Valentina now has her fans "sending red roses" on all the other queens Instagram photos. I suppose this could be read as sweet but it also seems like an act of dominance, having your fans take over other queen's area.
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Much like Valentina in general it's a little sweet and a little scary, lol.
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I watched this entire episode with my jaw dropped!
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Eggplant emoji message from Bob!
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Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaade and I love it.
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OMG this was such a goblet of venom, and I chewed it down like Trinity did those speed pills on 9021-HO. Was here for the redemption of Farrah Moan, and the power couple realness of Shea and Sasha.
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