Orphan Black: Let the Children & the Childbearers Toil
July 2, 2017 1:04 AM - Season 5, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Alarmed by the changes in Kira, Sarah and Siobhan embark on an undercover mission. Cosima resolves to find out what's lurking in the woods.
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That was a busy little episode. Pleeeeeeease don't let Felix being shuffled off to Switzerland mean the character's being sidelined again. Let the trip matter.
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Definitely, sperose. Virginia Coady especially.

I liked the structure of the episode a lot, with everything revolving around the "bear" in the woods. I'm not finding that part of the plot too horrifying, though. The show has desensitized me for sure.

Also, Percival Westmoreland, huh? I guess he's found his grail.
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that was a lot of exposition. it's good to know some of the history of Neolution, I like that everything is getting tied together.
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if someone tried to jump into watching OB with this season that they would be completely lost

Heh; I did watch all the previous seasons and I'm mostly lost.
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That very last scene really drove home to me how badly they've lost my interest in the main plot. Westmoreland and Susan toasting "to the future" while portentous music plays as if I'm supposed to care whether those two are enemies or allies.

But last week's focus on Alison and Donnie and Sarah and Siobhan working scams together this week have been great, so I think they've got me hooked for the rest of the season.
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