Orphan Black: Ease for Idle Millionaires
July 9, 2017 4:27 AM - Season 5, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Secrets surface about Kira's special gifts while she spends time bonding with Sarah. Elsewhere: Cosima joins Delphine at the mansion for a strange family dinner.
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Cosima in a tux is everything!!
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PT just seems to get worse and worse. Cosima's going to have even more PTSD after seeing 2 people shot and killed right in front of her. (Well, one in front and one behind, technically.)

Totes thought Mud was going to get a bullet in the woodshed.
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I have to admit I'm a tad confused as to wtf is going on on the island.
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Me too. Cosine said PT's age was "smoke", but I'm not sure what that means yet. (Obviously, not that old, but how and why.)

Cosima and Yannis's scene together really affected me. I've been watching the show in a pretty casual way so far this season, but that really drew me back in. (Also, the idea of PT pitting women against each other, because yup.)

Ira has finally become interesting!
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I was really hoping that Mud would get eaten.

Cosima in a tux was fabulous, but I really didn't like the exposition-heavy aspect of these last two episodes. It feels a bit too rushed to get to... something. I'm very much looking forward to Krystal's return next week, though!
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...but I really didn't like the exposition-heavy aspect of these last two episodes. It feels a bit too rushed to get to... something.

My big fear is they're going to come down to the last episode and it's going to be nothing but exposition explaining wtf we've been watching for the past several years.
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Yeah, maybe they could have used 1 more season. Also, I will be sad if we don't see Call again :-(
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It's so good that Cosima is holding a gun, and I'm thinking, "Turn around and point it at PT!" But while Helena (and maybe Alison) would have shot the guy, and Sarah would have at least threatened him, the idea of killing someone just isn't remotely on Cosima's map. As soon as I realized that, seeing her locked up there at end, having stayed true to herself, seemed more of a victory than a defeat.

I wonder how much (if any) input Tatiana Maslany has had on any of the writing for the show. Seems like she must understand these characters as well as any of the writers do.
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