Dark Matter: One more card to play
July 9, 2017 3:36 PM - Season 3, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The crew of the Raza encounter some familiar faces while Adrian contemplates the future.
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I haven't watched it yet, but I hope it's Space Ross, somehow back from the dead!

I realized this week that Andrew Moodie, who plays Teku Fonsei, plays Simon Frontenac on Orphan Black, and Ellen Wong (Misaki Han-Shireikan) plays Jenny Chey on GLOW!
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I know this is a stupid detail, but I'm really impressed with whoever does the leather work on the costume design. I don't know if they just find a bunch of pieces from various designers, if they commission from a leather house or if it's just the in-house costume department, but it always looks so good. (With the exception of the Android's white and beige outfit. That one doesn't impress me at all. Construction-wise I'm sure it's great, but style-wise it's troublesome. I think it's the lacing on the thighs that particularly bothers me.)

I'm not ignoring your comment, under_petticoat_rule, I just don't want to spoil the episode for you. I don't watch glow and I'm still a couple episodes from finishing up last season of Orphan Black so I haven't started on this season yet, so I'm not sure who Simon is (if he's an established character, the name isn't ringing any bells, but I'm terrible with both real-life and character names, so that's not a surprise).
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Simon's new this season, he's not a major character but he's got a few good moments.

Wow, I don't know what Marc Bendavid did to piss off the makers of this show, but they killed his character, then they killed the character whose identity he stole, and now twice this season characters have said "Jace Corso was never really part of this crew." Brutal.

I'm bummed at the lame direction they've taken 4.
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I liked this episode, though. It was super-satisfying to watch the android take down Portia. And the final scene with both androids was fun and interesting, too.
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I enjoyed it as well, but man, we're already past the halfway point in the season, and I can't identify any significant movement in the story. Frustrating. It was nice to be reminded that they aren't in the same universe as the first couple of seasons though. And although the show is basically _all about_ it, I don't know how many more times they can go back to the 'mistaken identities' well before it gets repetitive.
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If I am not mistaken, they are in the same universe as previous seasons, but the alternate universe evil versions of themselves followed them back to their universe.
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Oh right. Blink drive took them to the hell universe with bad guy non-goateed twinsies, hijinks ensue, bad guys hitch a lift back to the original universe with the crew of the Raza.
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Last week I said this:
Last season had an unfortunate habit of disabling her at the beginning of an episode so that she couldn't use her strength and intelligence and connection with the ship to instantly solve the problems that were going to happen during the episode.
Now they're just toying with me because they almost did that twice this episode, but both times were a pleasant surprise.

I didn't like the doppelgänger plot, it was mostly just confusing. I did like the final scene with two Androids though. "Are you being deceptive?" "No." "Are you?" "No." "OK Then."

I enjoyed it as well, but man, we're already past the halfway point in the season, and I can't identify any significant movement in the story.

I have to agree with that. Adrian and his bodyguard are even leaving the ship, which seems to mean they had no real narrative reason to be there in the first place -- besides Adrian being the McGuffin that led them into various adventures for a couple of episodes.

I was really wishing for Alternative Universe Space Ross... oh well.
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