Dark Matter: Give it up, Princess
July 2, 2017 6:24 PM - Season 3, Episode 5 - Subscribe

The crew of the Raza track a data file across the galaxy in an attempt to strike a blow against Ferrous, and save the life of a young woman.
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In the year (just how far in the future is this? :-) just how cheap is rocket fuel?
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I guess that's one of the plot points I should have paid attention to. Now that you mention it I'm sure they must have stopped off for refueling at some point, although I usually just assume that all of these ships on these space shows run on some kind of almost-infinite energy source.

After last episode, this one felt like such a letdown. We've watched Three as a character now for three seasons. We've watched him grow and evolve (a bit) so having a character-study episode devoted to his response to the time loop felt earned. This, on the other hand, wasn't. It was more of a "here's a new character, quick here's what you need to know about him: he's not completely a bad guy." Plus, the betrayal was obvious from the first scene where is spoke to the "hostage." I mean they telegraphed that one from miles away.
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They used to spend a fair amount of time dealing with things like getting supplies etc. I guess we're done with that.
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For whatever reasons "supplies" (especially food) sticks in my head whereas "refuelling" doesn't. I'm sure that says more about me than the show.
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It's interesting to me that most everyone here is frustrated with the show. I enjoy it immensely as light, escapist fare and don't expect more from it. When given multiple options, I tend to watch it before other shows I like and respect more, just because ... well, I don't know. I don't really think about whether this show makes much sense.

Also, I like the Android and Three a lot. The whole emperor storyline is boring me, though. But maybe there will be some pay-off for it. He was actually a good character for the Raza, being stand-offish and not very friendly, creating a constant amount of mild tension.
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Actually I'm with you. Three is the kind of character that I'm usually immediately drawn to, and in this case, he has sustained my interest, which is a big part of the reason why I really enjoyed last week's show. I don't care about this new handler guy, which is why this episode didn't do much for me.

I have the same opinion about empire story line. I really don't care too much about it, and I'm not invested enough in the way the Four's character has changed since he got is memories back to want to see him succeed.
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I guess the actor wanted to do more or get a change of attire but I really liked The Android being an android. I also miss the crew running around without their memories and getting blindsided by their reputations. That never grew old for me.

Overall, the show is still fun, fluffy, light, improbable sci-fi. All good.
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It's interesting to me that most everyone here is frustrated with the show.

I'm not! It's awesome light-hearted Canadian sci-fi and I'm very happy with it.

This episode can't compare to the time loop episode, but I still enjoyed it.

I like when the Android "lets her hair down" and I also like how she prefers Robot Mode most of the time. It was a great twist for me last season when she gets a magical chip that lets her be a "real girl" and instead of instantly changing into just-another-human, she thinks it's fun to play with but prefers to just be herself.

I also like when they actually use the Android as the powerful combatant she is. Last season had an unfortunate habit of disabling her at the beginning of an episode so that she couldn't use her strength and intelligence and connection with the ship to instantly solve the problems that were going to happen during the episode.

I didn't mind Adrian and the bodyguard lady is great.

Favorite scene from this episode: When the Android is trying to offer the other Android the upgrade chip, and he stops to think about it and then his head fizzles and he shuts down. You think they're going to make him say "DOES NOT COMPUTE" but instead Three is behind him with a gun. "It's fine, put the chip next to him and he can decide when he wakes up."
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I like it when they kind of cruise along all here's a thing let's do a thing ow that thing bit us in the ass!, it's when they start the dang navel staring and background history and other inertia killers that drag it down for me. The characters are interesting enough individually, it just feels like they're failing to forge emotional bonds. Which was fine when they were all a bunch of amnesiacs trying to stay one step ahead of their forgotten past, but now that they've been on the ship for a few seasons, I dunno, they keep shipping off any pairing that seems to be clicking but just a bit too early to really resonate.

Although to be honest the only characters I care about at the moment are Three, Five, and the Android. Two feels underused, Four's whole imperial plotline (and all the characters on that side of things) better start paying dividends tout suite, Adrian is the wrong side of inept and Solara is doing the muscle work that Two should be doing. I dunno, it feels like the writers keep bringing in characters and realizing they don't have anything good for them to do, so they ship them off sort of unceremoniously.

And really, if you're going to have Michael frickin' Bisping as a heavy and _not_ have him fight? Maybe that's symptomatic of the problems as a whole. "Oh no, it's the Crew of the Raza!" *cut to the Crew of the Raza getting rooked by some damn rent-a-cops*
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(Honestly, the Adventures of Three, Five and The Android would be grade-A prime sci-fi TV. Make it happen, Mullie/Mallozzi!)
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