Friends from College: Connecticut House
July 19, 2017 5:33 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Lisa's new career does not start well. Mariane prepares for the premiere of her play. And Ethan finds out he does not handle animals.
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1. I love that the name of the hedge fund Lisa goes to work for is "Blackstool." Bwahahah.

2. Call me crazy, but if it's important to you to end an affair with someone wouldn't you like, stop being alone with them and block them?

3. Ethan: “We’re good people.”
Sam: “We’re such bad people”
Ethan: “Such bad people.”
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The whole rabbit subplot was ... really not funny. I know (spoilers!) the rabbit was still alive at the end, but making comedy out of the death of beloved pets just makes me uncomfortable. It felt like a cheap way to show how bad these people are.

I know it's part of the joke that Ethan is loud and reactionary, but there was a lot of this here. And I get he's not supposed to be "likable" but wow, do I find him exhausting.

I still like Lisa.

Poor Mariane. We all have that friend, though, and I actually sort of like her the best? Her character seems to have her own life overall, but she's stuck with these terrible people.
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Yeah - I guess Ethan's loud reactionary stuff is supposed to be funny but I just find it stressful to watch.
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