Friends from College: All Nighter
July 20, 2017 5:41 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Ethan rushes against the clock for ideas for a new book. Sam, Lisa and Marianne meet admirers in a bar.
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I really only remember Felix's gloriously frustrated "GET OUT!" I know Billy Eichner can grate on some people, but I genuinely enjoy him when he actually gets to act.

The whole b-plot with the women was kind of pointless.

(I'm not sure if I was just otherwise occupied while this episode was on -- I was binging it while working -- but I really remember so little about it. I think it's among the weaker episodes.)
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I'll watch the rest of this.

Fred Savage is making his part work for me. I'm enjoying him far more than I would have guessed, but he really sold his part on the little song/dance with Keegan Michael Key. I also like him in a relationship with Billy Eichner's character. It works for me.

Cobie Smulders is much better here than in anything else I've seen her in. She was so wooden and stiff in How I Met Your Mother that I've been surprised here that she does seem to move and walk like an actual human. She was also the least funny of any of the characters on HIMYM and just unlikable all around. So maybe I just have a very low bar for her.
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Fred Savage is making his part work for me.

He (and his TV spouse Mary Elizabeth Ellis) paired well with the Over The Top-ish-ness of Rob Lowe in The Grinder. The couple had downplayed roles compared to the bold Hollywood brother part for Rob, but they all worked together well (enough). (I liked the show, but my wife was "meh," so we opted for other things.)
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What to say about this episode:
* Sam sending her subordinate away to work for a colleague in London, because the subordinate saw her public fornication summons. Sheesh.
* Ethan borrowing from Sam to pay his fine.
* Kate McKinnon. I love Kate McKinnon. I didn't really like her character, but I suppose it's nice to see the "rich man with hot trophy girlfriend" meme flipped.
* I can't make myself watch the bit at Felix and Max's house again. Max interrupting his date with Felix to help Ethan. Ethan and Max being assholes (the song and dance was neat).
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Pretty much everything in this episode twigged my grump.

>Employee with a terrible boss
>Really, they haven't received a for-real physical beat-down at the tennis court?!
>Meat market culture - parody - ok, Mirriam leaving with one was kinda wtf/ok funny

Kate McKinnon is awesome and she owned the eccentric (and the guy playing the trophy husband really got into it; that belly thing - I've seen that/similar in real life before. It's a thing. I guess) publishing agent. But she still annoyed the heck out of me.

Sam's plot is the focus, here, imo - on the outside, everything's 0.1% - but the foundation is shakey/false. That's an amazing dress, though, and nice heels. There's this pair with the cross-strap that she wears in/through a few episodes which are gorgeous.
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This is starting to feel like Sex in the City: A twisted, overly emotional writer surrounded by a bunch of shallow rich people. There have been a few good laughs, but I'm outta here if Mr. Big shows up.
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