Friends from College: A Night of Surprises (Season Finale)
July 23, 2017 3:34 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Max has a bad day at work. Lisa experiences flight delays. Jon throws Sam a huge party to celebrate her 40th birthday.
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Obviously everything was leading up to this, but I really liked that all the other things subverted The Big Thing the show has mostly been centred around.
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I absolutely expected Jon to show footage of the affair, and for this to be wrapped up. The wreckage of them is as petty and satisfying the second time round
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Oh I hadn't thought of that, Jon seems to come off as totally oblivious and I would've been very much surprised if that happened. I think that is why I like Lisa the best out of the crew, she has a sense of awareness about herself and what is going on that is at least a head above everyone else.
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I think this was a mostly satisfying conclusion to the season (or series?). I would've liked to have seen Ethan get some kind of comeuppance, but I appreciated that Lisa knew there were cracks in their relationship anyway. I appreciate she confessed to what she'd done.

They made a big deal at the beginning that Lisa was the youngest of all of them, but in the end, she's the most grown-up. She's the only one of them that's not really trying to cling to the past.

The show is kind of a mess overall, but I think it got better as it went along. Like I said, I'd watch a second season if there is one.
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In retrospect, it was a little surprising that Jon was so enthusiastically into having a vacation affair with Lisa since he was engaged/almost-engaged to that teenager.

In the episode where he and Lisa buy vintage clothes on their way to getting smashed on their way to attend the play, I had them pegged as friends-only (or that Lisa was not into him that way at all, ie., firmly friendzoned, and they both knew it).

Sam's husband hiring that mentalist is also another big WTF (as stated in-show), but it moved the plot.
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