Friends from College: Grand Cayman
July 23, 2017 2:35 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Lisa goes to the Cayman Islands for work, accompanied by Nick. Sam, Ethan and Max visit Harvard.
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The Lisa/Nick thing seems to come out of nowhere. They've previously been really at ease with each other, then Max mentioned they used to date and then kaboom, they're in a hotel room. It's a weird little flip to have the scene with her and Nick blended with the scene of Max, Sam and Ethan at Harvard having a relatively wholesome time eating pizza and reminiscing ... even though the whole point of the visit is for Sam and Ethan to hook up and oh yeah, to get Sam's step-daughter into the school.

Lisa's already freaking out when she and Nick run into her nemesis from work, Degrasso, at lunch. Degrasso immediately guesses that she and Nick are involved with each other and he tells Lisa that they are the same. Lisa is horrified and leaves without eating any of the food she ordered. She hurts her leg in the gym - running on the treadmill in street clothes, barefoot - and in the hospital when Nick tells her she's important to him she tells him that she doesn't understand how he can have meaningless hookups - it's soul-crushing. Nick is hurt.

Max's drunken confession pulls his behavior and his relationship with Ethan into focus - his ditching of Felix on date night to "brainstorm" with Ethan, and leaving Felix behind on the Party Bus episode makes a lot more sense.

I loved Lisa's quit scene.
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I saw the Lisa/Nick thing coming. They were lowkey flirting from the first episode, when they were outside smoking together, and it's all sorts of flirty-cuteness when they get super drunk and buy those vintage formal clothes to go to Marianne's play. I guess I'm kinda shipping these two together because I like them both, and Lisa deserves better than a husband in love with someone else. And I think they still have the opportunity to be good together. Lisa lashed out at Nick after the shame spiral started because of Degrasso, but it's clear that they really are into each other.
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