The Bachelorette: Spain
July 25, 2017 8:20 AM - Season 13, Episode 8 - Subscribe

The remaining men meet Rachel's family in Texas; overnight dates begin.
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In case you didn't know, Rachel's father is a federal judge, which is why he's never had an on-camera appearance during her time with Bachelor Nation.
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I can't blame him one's really humiliating. I would never ever be part of this.

Reading twitter last night during the show, 99% of the hastag #thebachelorette had to do with how dreamy Peter is, how he is a shoo-in for next Bach, and pretty much everyone cannot stand Bryan. So many hilarious gifs of how gross he is, and everyone loving the comment Peter made about "fake cheeks".

It really is kind of disappointing to see how easily some of the bachelorettes on this show are played. It's so disappointing to see them go for the fake, rehearsed, smooth-talker who is full of shit. Jillian did it with Ed. Andi did it with Josh (UGH UGH UGH). And how this travesty.

Grossed out by how pleased and satisfied Rachel looks after she digs deep for that "I love you" from each guy. Guys she has no interest in, but just wants that validation, or possibly being egged on the by producers, who knows. Nick Viall did the same thing when he was the bachelor....racking up the score on how many women he could get to say the L word.

Not thrilled with how hyper-focused she is on getting proposed to. And why doesn't getting proposed to mean to Rachel what it means to everyone else? Ummmm it means you're engaged to be married, Rachel. Stop making up definitions for what being proposed to means.... we see you.

Rachel was very defensive of Bryan to her family, who all saw right through his bullshit. He is also the only one who got to meet her friends. UGH WHYYYY, he is a smarmy creepizoid. So fucking gross. Also, he was on another dating show years back. He was a "club promoter" and...just read it. You can google for more info and a few clips of the show. Also in that link he refers to anyone who kisses Rachel after his kiss as getting "sloppy seconds". How disgusting is this guy? Going to rage-watch the finale and look forward to Peter getting his turn.
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I died when she said she first thought Bryan was a douchebag. HE STILL IS, RACHEL.
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