The Bachelorette: Finale/After the Final Rose
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Rachel and Chris Harrison watch the pre-taped in May finale, and meet live with her rejected suitors and her "fiance".
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I put "fiance" in quotes because I don't believe these two are going to last. I nearly died when he said they were thinking of moving to LA.
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Watching it now, just got to the part where Rachel says "I'm living my best life" to Peter on the live show. Not cool.
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I think the total lack of comments here reflects how everyone is feeling about how this season turned out.

At the end, I'm left most confused about the producers. Why did they choose to give Bryan such a smarmy edit, knowing he won? Why place all the emotion and focus on Peter (check out the 538 analysis of suitor facetime!)? Were they pushing behind the scenes for Peter to make a live show proposal and for Rachel to accept it--but failed to close the deal? Was Bryan that bad that this was truly the best edit they could give him? Were they set on Peter all along, Rachel bucked their plans at the last minute, and the shit edit of Bryan was them being petty in retaliation? The love and positive attention they gave to Rachel and Peter both individually and as a pair is totally incongruous with the final result and my understanding of how they usually cut these shows. It's super bizarre.
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Agreed re: editing- it was rumored that Vanessa caused most of the house drama in Nick's season, but they didn't air it because she was the winner and they wanted to make her look nice. So they had to shoehorn Corrine into the villain role, which barely worked because most people didn't hate her (I adore her). But I digress.

For those who don't follow RealitySteve (regular Bachelor Nation spoiler provider) - he initially said Peter was the winner, and then had to come back a few weeks later and say it was Bryan. Is that part of why people hate Bryan so much, because the initial spoilers gave them false hope on Peter? Did producers intentionally plant false spoilers to work people up? Is it possible they can cast Peter as the next Bachelor now that they embarrassed him so thoroughly for "failing to propose"?

I feel a little (but only a little!) bad for Rachel and Bryan- they're both on social media, they see what people were saying. Was it my imagination or did the studio audience not even squeal when he "proposed again" in the studio? I rolled my eyes, I imagined the audience doing the same. Did you know Bryan calls himself Dr. Abs (on his own branded merchandise that I can't imagine anyone buying)? Gross.
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Good point, shchroedinger, about editing. I figured out Bryan was gonna win and didn't bother watching. Now that I know most of the episode focused on the break-up with Peter, I'm regretting that choice a bit.
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I actually watched again, and the studio audience was stone cold SILENT as he got down on one knee. Even if they told them to be quiet, surely a few squeals would have snuck out if they were really feeling it. How embarrassing!
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As much as I like Peter, something seemed off in his reluctance to propose. It's totally normal to not want to propose to someone after like...what? Three dates? But he knew what the show was about beforehand, and what was expected. And he said he was in love with her. So.....

Apparently he has had ambitions to be The Bachelor since high school. Which to me kind of explains his "struggle"......getting as much air time as possible without a commitment to Rachel. The moment his plight felt so fake to me was when they said goodbye and a camera person stayed with him, while he sat on a bench and cried his heart out. You know, something you would normally do in public, instead of slamming a door behind you and crying alone in a room, without a camera in your face. The close ups of his anguish.......

It's also possible that she found out about his ambition between their goodbyes and the live finale, which would explain her coldness, standofishness, and her comment to the effect of "this process is not for you"...trying to preclude him from being chosen. I don't know, but am now viewing his "schtick" with a lot more cynicism. I think he was never going to propose, and that's fine. But possibly he toyed with her, she knows it, and it explains some of her attitude, and her "settling" for Bryan. And why was Rachel crying so much about it? Because she really wanted Peter? Or because she wanted the coup of two guys proposing? Because as much as I wanted her to be gaga over Peter, she only really had gaga eyes for Bryan. She defended him, introduced him to her friends, flipped out every time she saw him, looked at him with bedroom eyes all the time, and fell for all of his lines.

Dunno. It's all speculation. I think Eric would be a nice bachelor too, he was adorable and I like his story.
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I assumed the whole ambition thing was meant to be a joke, and then it actually came true.

Did you know Bryan calls himself Dr. Abs (on his own branded merchandise that I can't imagine anyone buying)? Gross.

See, I am trying really really hard to tell myself it's editing and give him the benefit of the doubt. Then shit like this pops up or I remember interactions that couldn't have been misconstrued through editing (see: everything his mom said) and I go back to disliking him. Ugh.
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There's a lot I could say about this finale (and the back half of this season as a whole), but most of it can be summed up as *long, dejected sigh*

I just wanted so much better for Rachel.
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This finale was terrible, but this season was terrible. I wanted so much better for Rachel too!

Bryan was pure awful smarm, like he was reading off cue cards to say exactly the right things to everyone except her family. I never particularly liked Peter but the finale left me with negative feelings towards him AND Rachel.

Does she get a bonus if men propose to her? Why else would she be so weirdly obsessed with having a fiance not a boyfriend? They're words! They mean nothing! That goes doubly for you Peter.

I didn't watch Men Tell All last week, because, ugh seriously ugh. Why would I want to see Lee or Whaboom guy or the cheater or any of those gross assholes again?

With the awfulness that is going to be Bachelor in Paradise I'm inclined to give up on this show entirely.
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At the beginning of the show, I liked Peter and hoped he'd win Rachel's heart. But Peter ended up really creeping me out with the quick glimpse of his rage that came out in his odd "mediocre life" comment -- ironically, while he was doing the rejecting. Reminded me of when a covert narcissist's mask drops in the discard phase and his real self shows. Makes total sense that Peter has always wanted to be The Bachelor-- and premeditatedly fucked Rachel over at the end while making himself out to be the victim-- it would align with a disordered personality certainly.

Bryan was also very triggering for me because he is such an obvious narcissist, in the vein of Donald Trump's type of narcissism, that's what probably put people off about him, and his whole interaction with Rachel was a total lovebombing.

Rachel chose, by default (so weird...), the less dangerous of two narcissists is my overall take. It was all triggering as hell for me and Imma need to stop watching this type of tv.
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I just learned the term Soft Boy and I think it's possible Peter is one!
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