In the Loop (2009)
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A political black satire, sharp and very funny, about a group of American and British communication operatives attempting to prevent a war between two countries. Stars extremely profane Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker, David Rasche as Linton Barwick, US Assistant Secretary of State for Policy, general James Gandolfini and Zach Woods as Chad. Directed by Armando Iannucci. The film is a spin-off from the currently relevant BBC Television series The Thick of it. Wikipedia.
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An amazing document of a time when it was still possible to satirise British and American politics.
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This was my absolute favorite movie of 2009. In my head I still often repeat Malcolm Tucker reacting to the radio interview: "What is this, the shitting forecast?"
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I didn't know about this! We're some way through The Thick of It and I am waiting for the episode where he hangs up his cell saying "Fuckitty bye".
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"Good morning my little chicks and cocks"
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Just to note that Armando Ianucci is part of the constellation of Chris Morris-related people and projects: Charlie Brooker (Black Mirror), Graham Linehan (Father Ted, IT Crowd), Steve Coogan (Alan Partridge), Brass Eye/The Day Today, Nathan Barley, Four Lions, and so on. I consider these people to be among the most vital and insightful of British entertainment.

Great little bit about the pre-production from his Wikipedia: "Iannucci used his BBC press pass to enter the US State Department headquarters whilst researching the film, saying how he just turned up and claimed to be "here for the 12.30". Iannucci spent an hour inside taking photographs which were used for the film's set designs."

Here for the 12:30! Genius.
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When I watch this, or The Thick of It, I pretend that Malcom Tucker is The Doctor.

... and vice versa.
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Difficult difficult, lemon difficult.
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I could watch Peter Capaldi swear all day.
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From the TV show but "from bean to cup, you fuck up" remains one of the BEST insults
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"Omnishambles" has I believe been used on the floor in either England or Australia, I forget which, regarding some bill or another. I am well overdue for my quarterly rewatch of The Thick of It - hopefully it will wash some of the bad taste of the most recent season of Veep away.
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In the UK for Osborne's 2012 'omnishambles budget'
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I have very little to add, except that I love this movie very, very much and I am pretty convinced that Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is secretly a sequel to it.
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My cousin and I watched this the year it was nominated for a screenplay Oscar, knowing nothing of the show or the characters, and it was an amazing revelation. We still say "fuckity bye" to end conversations.

I think I need a rewatch.
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Just to note that Armando Ianucci is part of the constellation of Chris Morris-related people and projects:

He is involved in so many of my favourite things in one way or another, a sort of life giving comedy sun around which many other comedians and satirists orbit.

I might put it up here at some point, but The Armando Iannucci Shows still hold up brilliantly and showcase a more personal, gentler and surrealist side of his work.
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I love this movie so much, that I actually became angry when I learned (like two weeks ago) that Veep is effectively a six (so far) season TV show version of this movie. That's 6 years of my life I could have been watching an In The Loop "sibling".
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Iannucci's newest!
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Every time I start watching it, even by accident, I have to go all the way to the end.
Just like I did today. And probably at least twice since my last comment here.
This is the funniest movie I know.
Every moment in it is superb!
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