Killjoys: Attack the Rack
July 28, 2017 8:13 PM - Season 3, Episode 5 - Subscribe


I love Fancy so much, he's so angry and fancy. He's like Pree, but without any therapy. He needs to stab and shoot more things and seethe on camera angrily more often about his asshole bosses he secretly loves. He is the space assassin embodiment of Dolly Parton's Jolene.

Also, how is this show not kicking Dark Matter in the ratings? It's so much more fun and they regularly take their plots and just wipe things clean and go well, here's the whole new arc! Everything moves so fast and with such fun energy, and the characters are clearly having a blast - it's Vampire Diaries back when they were fun.
posted by dorothyisunderwood at 6:01 AM on July 30, 2017

I love the way Aneela is being acted. Just the physical postures she uses in each scene make it clear that whatever is going on, she's going to eat you in the end.

Also agreed re: dark matter, this show is so much better. I think dark matter got a lot more hype and or tweets with wil wheatons involvement, but I don't really know to what degree that makes a difference.
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If there's a complaint that I have about this episode is that, OK, I don't mind that they've got the DNA bomb back (sorta), but I am sort of annoyed with such a super weapon running around. Keep pressing the button guys, the Hullen will GTFO eventually.

But yeah, all the little sort of things that normally wouldn't happen en route to kicking ass? Dutch realizing that the trip through the trash compactor wasn't without downsides, for example. "We kick ass, but we're not simply ass kicking automatons, we have personality."

And yeah, I mean they both have a deep history of characters for you to remember, but since everybody on Killjoys is at 150%, they're easier to remember I think? Dark Matter ended with a "hey remember me, we need your help" this week, and.. No, no I do not remember you. Not one bit. Should I? I feel like I failed as a viewer when shows pull that sort of thing. Killjoys manages to bring back Pree's bar back back and .. oh right _him_, that guy, hah.

I'll be annoyed if Killjoys dies in ratings if Dark Matter survives. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind Dark Matter, but I really look forward to Killjoys more.
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I think Dark Matter started off strong with a locked-room whodunit sort of premise, which was more unique for the genre, and has struggled to find as solid a footing since then. This show on the other hand started off with more of a bog-standard SciFi premise (what is it about bounty hunters in space, seriously?) and took a little longer to really get rolling and get the stakes raised. (I also feel like both shows took a hit in the locations-and-sets-budget this season, and it's been more noticeable/more restrictive in Dark Matter.)

But yeah, I definitely agree that of the two, this show is in a much better place right now and a lot more fun at the moment. I hope they both survive because I still have hope that Dark Matter can find its way, but this one definitely needs and deserves to survive.
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I wasn't sure but having Sayeh back is turning out to be so much fun.

I don't need you to give me things Gander. I'm quite capable of just taking them."

"You'll never take my place Sayeh."

"Oh sweetie, I already have. "
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It turns out that Aneela is very, very smart. She pulled off an incredible scheme while playing crazy and pitting her advisors against each other. Dutch is going to have to up her game.

Sayeh, Aneela, Dutch. That's what I call capable, smart, manipulative, talented. Words backed up by action.

On the other hand, being a perpetual damsel-in-distress whose main talent is being so passive that your asking for food and sending someone to the library is considered epic leadership? Yeah, not so much.
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