Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Undercover
September 29, 2014 6:11 AM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Six months after going undercover with the mob (and confessing his feelings for colleague Amy Santiago) Det. Jake Peralta attempts to take care of the sting operation's final loose end. Capt. Holt torments Santiago, Diaz, and Jeffords with a series of seemingly pointless role-playing drills. Gina and Boyle wrestle with the implications of last season's ill-advised(?) hookup.

Bonus stuff: B99 fans! Now you can have the 99th Precinct's own Sgt. Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews) bark directions at you in the Waze navigation app!
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Gina/Boyle is so, so much better than Boyle/Diaz.

I didn't like the B-plot -- the pointless drills clearly had a point, and the payoff was meh. It was clearly "Oh, hey, Terry and Stefanie don't have shit to do this week, so let's let Terry have some fun."

The lampshading of Andy Samberg playing an Italian guy was beautifully handled.

All in all, I'm glad the show is back, but this wasn't a great season premiere.
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Oops, I accidentally the link to the article about the Terry Crews navigation voice:

AV Club: Terry Crews can now provide directions for your bitch ass
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Whenever I happen across this show it makes me really miss Last Resort.
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The pilot for Last Resort was so much better than the actual subsequent episodes.
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This was the first time I've watched this show. (Last season isn't on Hulu, etc. and I'm not sure if I want to pay for it yet.) The only real laugh-out-loud moment for me was Terry with the Abandoned Backpack sign ticking in the corner as part of the drills montage.

Waiting to see if this is worth continuing to watch/get a hold of last season to catch up.
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It's a bit like early 30 Rock, in that the lunacy of the characters becomes funnier as you spend more time with them.
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Agreed with DOT, a lot of the humor is cumulative and based on character. A lot of the funny in this episode is based around catching up with the characters as established in the previous season. It serves as a soft introduction to the characters for people who missed last year, but is also rewarding for viewers who are already familiar.

For one thing, Jake's undercover stint with the FBI, while funny in itself, is also totally in keeping with his demonstrated Fletch-like penchant for playing crazy made-up characters and putting on unnecessary disguises. Basically, it's paying off a running gag.

Also, the Gina/Boyle hookup becomes much funnier after you've gotten to know them as characters. Individually, they both occupy the position of "office weirdo", but were kept at arms' length for most of last season, so having them instantly in an inexplicable relationship is a nice turnabout.

That said, the continuity isn't such that you'll be totally lost (and it doesn't sound like you were), so I'd stick with it in s02, and try to catch up with s01 as you're able.
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I liked the first season of this show because it was delightful and wacky and they had no idea how any of it would go over and it hit a perfect weird vibe. This premiere felt like the writers are too self-aware or something because it didn't strike the same tone of comedy at all, it was kind of dumb humor for the most part instead of the way the last season went. I hope future episodes can return it to its former glory.
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I love this show, but was pretty disappointed with the season premiere. Was really hoping for a whole season of Andy undercover and disappointed that they wrapped the whole thing so quickly. Also I didn't really find it believable that he would get in with the mafia that easily, and I don't think the storyline really paid off enough to earn the required suspension of disbelief.

In general, I would like to see more Terry Crews and Chelsea Peretti and way less Andy Samburg.
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I dunno, I thought Terry pretending to be a seven year old boy was pretty damn funny.

I'm just so happy the show is back.
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I wonder if Peralta's life is going to be in danger from the mafia now?
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Was really hoping for a whole season of Andy undercover and disappointed that they wrapped the whole thing so quickly.

In the universe next door, Fox was smart enough to throw money at Samberg to make a movie during the hiatus. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Undercover and Uncensored.
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Just in case anyone was still wondering, it's true.
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Peralta is so easily my least favourite character. I am relieved we only had the one scene of him without the others, because I already find that there's too much Samberg time on the show. There's a great ensemble cast, be more ensembly.
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I've been using the Terry Crews Waze voice navigation, and it can be pretty hilarious. I just wish there were more unique bits in it beyond the "turn right / turn left / etc." stuff.
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this is the best show and all other shows are sad that they are not this show.
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I'm so far in on this show that when Peralta pulled Santiago aside to talk about his feelings for her I actually found it kind of fluttery and romantic.

I'm so far in I just listened to the episodes of WTF with Andy Samberg and Chelsea Peretti. (I recommend both. The Chelsea Peretti one is way older than I expected, from 2010. And I found Samberg charming!)
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Yesss I'm so glad there's a Fanfare for this show! It has hits and misses, but thus far I find it deeply, consistently charming, and it tends to avoid a lot of the really easy racist/sexist/homophobic jokes in favor of playing with really clever perceptions of stereotypes and social expectations and how weird everyone, deep down, actually is all the time.

Also I hope this season involves more Rosa. Lots and lots and lots more Rosa.
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