Dark Matter: Isn't That a Paradox
August 6, 2017 2:59 PM - Season 3, Episode 9 - Subscribe

When the Blink Drive self activates during a diagnostic, the Raza and its crew are transported through space and time.

It's a jump to the past and a step to the burbs.
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Since time travel became a possibility in the DM universe, I've been waiting for the voyage home. This was an entertaining episode.

I genuinely laughed when someone said the crew needed to get 21st century clothing. Yeah, no. They looked better in their futuristic garb--except Five. Why the writers continue to try and and sell her as a 15 or 16 yr old is mind boggling. Dressing an adult in mismatched clothing and a flannel shirt around her waist does not mean what they think it does. Her modern garb was better, the show should stick with that.

--The Android being very keen on being part of the away mission.
--Six riding a bike.
--The scientist being a reasonable guy instead of trying to kill the Raza crew.
--The party.
--Sarah and Three finally admitting that whatever they have is neither real nor sustainable.
--The alternate-universe Raza crew teaming up with Ryo.
--Six isn't shot by the cops and the show moves on from that scene very quickly.

--I'm sure I could find a 100 photos of alien ships online right now. Feds are not going to show up in Wisconsin for a few photos.
--Android notices the kids following her but doesn't do or say anything to stop them. If this wasn't going anywhere , why point it out to the audience?
--Blink drive is back and working. Too powerful. Cf sonic screwdriver, tricorder.
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Andria wanted to play house so badly, poor thing.
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I kinda missed how scientist dude went from "no blink drive for you!" To rolling over though.

Fun episode otherwise. Didn't have the usual hilarious Californian-town-as-small-Wisconsin town thing. Architecture is too different, it feels off. Congrats, Canadia, you'll serve as a Mock Sconnie.
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Yeah, basically once Six gets captured, the scientist stops fighting the crew. He starts helping them and there's no actual discussion of why. Dropped scene? Rushed script?
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The downtown scenes were filmed in Hespeler, which is part of Cambridge. I swear there are much more generic, not iconic areas to film in if they wanted to stay in the Cambridge/Guelph/Kitchener-Waterloo area. I mean those shots of the Post Office, just give the game away to anybody remotely familiar with the area. It really was too funny seeing the crew of the Raza wandering through Hespeler. (It's also the same town where Bitten was filmed, but somehow that seems much more appropriate.)

Thanks for picking up the posting. I'm so behind in my TV viewing that getting anything up remotely on time is well beyond me at this point.
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