Dark Matter: Built, not Born
August 8, 2017 10:36 PM - Season 3, Episode 10 - Subscribe

The android's backstory.

Or is it? Suki (The Android) meets her creator and gets fed a creation myth that may be pure fiction. Rebecca (Two) and Suki used to be an item. Dr. Shaw (creator of Rebecca and Suki) takes off with Sarah in tow as either hostage or willing participant in what is probably a plan to eradicate humans.
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I liked the glimpses of Suki's prior memories. Three just calmly eating while Two murders the former captain and takes over the ship was great. But wow that story from Jace was too damn pat. That other androids come and go didn't ring true. I'm also not sure I buy the relationship between Rebecca and Shaw. Plausible though.

I very much hope we find out about Three's terrible action soon. I recall the way Sarah turned away when the discussion came up. It's gonna be bad.
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Oops. Rebecca and Shaw used to be an item. The post has a typo where I wrote Rebecca and Suki instead.
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Oddly this episode felt like they were rushing through the story compared to some of the other plots this season where it sort of felt like they were dragging their feet to make it last a whole hour.

I like it, but I like the Android probably the most on that ship, so it's not a surprise.
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Joseph Mallozzi, one of the creators and executive producers of Dark Matter, has been contributing over on the Previously.TV forums. He called this episode "our feeliest episode yet!" I tend to agree. It almost felt like a goodbye episode for Android, so much that I was worried for her. Losing Android would be terrible - she's a great character and a good actress!

Back in the thread for episode 8 someone suggested that Sarah would end up in an android body and he amusingly replied,

Theoretically, it's possible but technically? You would require an expert in neurorobotics who would have access to a lab capable of creating, not only an android, but an android based on Sarah's exact physical parameters. A tall order.

Which is (not so) coincidentally what happened this episode.

His blog is also worth a follow if you really enjoy the show. He is very fan-friendly.

Anyway, it was great to see some payoff here for some long-running plot threads. We knew there was a special connection between Two and Android but we didn't know what it was. One of the great things about this show is the continuity and the planning put into it. (Although I'm still waiting for some answers from season 1 that I don't think we will ever get to.) It will be fun to do a second viewing after the show ends. While we finally learned a little more about Two's history, I think it has opened up some new questions. At some point she went from being Rebecca, who was seemingly firm in the good guy camp, to being Portia Lin, a ruthless criminal who would murder hundreds of lab coats simply because they got in her way. The ending of this episode opened up the possibility that Dr. Shaw and thus Rebecca weren't such good guys after all, but I tend to think this is a misdirection.

(Speaking of which, I really don't like how the end of nearly every episode is basically an unrelated teaser for the beginning of the next. There are smoother ways of keeping people engaged that don't come across like a marketing ploy.)

We learned in season 2 that the crew of the Raza purchased Android, so at some point either 1) Two and Suki got separated or 2) Suki died/got destroyed and Two modified a base-model to be more like Suki. Based on the scene with Two/Five/Android I tend to think it's the latter.
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