My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 367: Shrimp! Heaven! Now!
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Shrimp! Heaven! Now! Suggested talking points: DuckTales Returns, Nanner Team, Blank ATM Card, A Kitty's Gift, Car Courtesy, My Trademark, Not Again Daniel
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Damn do i really, really, REALLY want a


T-shirt are you KIDDING me?!
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I feel like Griffin's stress about the whole Nick thing came through in the first part of this episode, where he was especially curt, businesslike, and perfunctory, especially repeatedly cutting off Travis to inform his there was no comedy happening in what he was saying.

About 25 minutes in, though, they all caught the groove.
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I might have been reading more into it than was there, but that Jumbotron to a Nick seemed... a bit fraught.

Amazing episode overall, still.
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The Banana Video mention seemed kind of like a trigger since Nick is opposite him in it. He moves on very quickly from that and yeah, kind of seems to want to avoid anything that might be related.

Also I just watched that video again and I wish Nick Robinson wasn't such a goddamn creep because I can no longer enjoy anything he's featured in.
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I noticed that the mood seemed a little down too, but it was a depressing weekend for everyone. Despite that it was still a great episode. I liked how Justin noted that the comedy powers of Shrimp Heaven Now was a finite resource just around the time I was having that exact thought. I love it when that happens.
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The shrimp were dead and the toddler was pointing that out. The parent was frustrated because the kid's mediumship abilities are growing day by day and they can't keep investigating the mysterious death of every tasty snack or passing ghost they encounter.
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I felt the whole Robinson thing was even more noticable in the previous week's episode, but it definitely took them a while to get into the rhythm this time.

I'm watching the latest Awful Squad right now, and Griffin addresses the Robinson situation in the first five minutes of the video, in case you're interested. (It seems, however, that the Polygon people are still not permitted to talk about their former colleague, so I guess the Vox inquiry is still going on.)
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I want a Shrimp Heaven Now shirt and a Nanner Team signet ring to discreetly identify other Nanner Acolytes.
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It made me sad to hear Justin refer to their TV show as "our short-lived TV show" - despite the Seeso collapse I've been hoping for someone else to produce more, but when you refer to it that way... I was actually wondering if Comedy Central was considering it after having the three of them on @midnight, I mean it's a great cover to get all three of them into a meeting and test them out on air. Still holding out a slim hope for that, but not as much as before. Sad to hear it phrased that way.
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I was actually wondering if Comedy Central was considering it after having the three of them on @midnight

They appeared on it a couple weeks ago, but @midnight is cancelled also. Last episode August 4.
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Yeah, I mean I thought that Comedy Central might have been using that appearance to meet with and air test these three guys who have their own TV show that might be looking for a new home to get a season two produced. Or if not Comedy Central, Chris Hardwick himself, since he started a production company earlier this year.
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Given the number of Podcasts Getting Tapped For Production, I wouldn't be surprised. However you may feel about Hardwick, his and the bros' brands would work well together.
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There's a Shrimp Heaven Now shirt! That was faster than expected. I am buying one immediately. Proceeds go to SPLC.
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I'm late listening to this one, and still haven't finished it, but Griffin's "J-o-e ... oh, Joe" was the highlight of my week.
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The whole "beans/banana vore" discussion that sort of segued into Shrimp! Heaven! Now! was one of the clearest explanations of how brand formation actually works that I think I've ever heard, to be quite honest.
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