House of Cards: Season 5
August 17, 2017 10:13 AM - Season 5 (Full Season) - Subscribe

At least one election, a fair amount of death and subterfuge, some new fourth wall breaking, the introduction of Mark Usher, Sean Jeffries, and Jane Davis, a Bohemian Grove-esque retreat, Congressional investigations, surveillance, and a recreation of the Situation Room photo.

A few thoughts:

* It is incredibly unsafe to be a woman with longish dark brown hair on this show. Cut and dye it!
* Davis and Usher may be the most formidable players the Underwoods have yet met. Calm, connected, totally happy to work forever behind the scenes. (Although Usher's Cheney-esque "you should pick me" is a sign this might not be true of him.)
* Frank thought Eric was Meechum II. Nope.
* What does "My father wore striped socks" mean? My guess: Davis is quoting from a Yates book to check whether Claire gets the reference; she doesn't, helping Davis suss out that Claire's interest in Yates is not literary.
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Whoa, surprise!
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Having watched the show from the beginning this year, I am absolutely amazed by the nose dive it takes this season: specifically form about 3 episodes in. House of Cards was never intended to be taken 100% percent seriously - but it was watchable because it had some good acting, set design, wit and interesting plot threads. Enough to make discussing it on Fanfare worthwhile I guess.

But suddenly the production team that had nurtured it along seem to have been replaced by people who not only lack writing talent - but who seem to have failed to have actually studied the characters who they are writing for. Did they actually take time to watch the show?
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Teaser for season 6
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