Chapo Trap House: Episode 133 - Antifap feat. Shuja Haider
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Episode 133 Unlocked due to the positive response it gog. Shuja Haider joins the boys to talk about Charlottesville; the bravery of the IWW, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, PSL, and DSA people there, the coming split of the soft and hardcore white supremacists, the solidarity growing on the left, and the post-lib future staring us all in the face.
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Here's Matt's rant transcribed:
Fascism arrises because of the collapse of institutional legitimacy of liberal institutions. That's how we got Trump and that how we're gonna get what's coming next after him that's gonna be even worse. Because if you think there's not gonna be more ecological and economic catastrophes in the future that liberalism is wholly unsuited to fucking deal with and that that failure is not going to lead to fascism filling that hole, you got another thing coming. And that's what these guys who marched in Charlottesville are aware of--the unspoken premise of the zombie neoliberalism we're living in, which is that we're coming to a point that there is going to be an ecological catastrophe and its going to either require mass redistribution of the ill gotten gains of the first world OR genocide. And these people have said "well if that's the choice, I choose genocide" and they are getting everybody else ready, intellectually and emotionally, for why that's going to be ok when it happens
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