Dark Matter: My Final Gift to You
August 23, 2017 7:11 PM - Season 3, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Ryo invites the crew to visit him and work out a deal to return the kidnapped Two. Android tries the new chip and learns a thing or two about what her fellow androids plan for the future.

As far as the secrets Ryo spilled, I guess the biggest is about Two's daughter. Boone's part in his wife's death is much less nefarious (although still bad) than we've been led to believe. I have no idea who the mysterious sister will turn out to be.

It wasn't surprising to see who was behind the attempts on Ryo's life, but it was nice to see that part of the plot begin to wrap up.
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4/Ryo's plotline has been really predictable and half-assed, but I really like Alex Mallari, Ellen Wong (she's in GLOW!) and especially Andrew Moodie (he's in Orphan Black!) so getting those three some screen time was a pleasure for me.

I like how the consensus early in the episode was "4 is many things, but he's not a liar" and then later everyone was all "You're lying!"

They're totally going to wipe his memory again instead of executing him.

I loved the bit about the 600-year-old scotch.
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They're totally going to wipe his memory again instead of executing him.

This seemed incredibly obvious to me, as well, and I was a little annoyed that none of the characters even mentioned it as a solution.

Otherwise, I was pretty okay with this episode. It was about time to wrap up the Zairon thing, felt like they had been kind of retreading the same ground with it for several episodes already.

I like that they've kept the transfer transit tech around and revisited it periodically, something like that really should be basically standard protocol for dangerous negotiations. I also thought Boone's calculated decision to get killed so the "real" him wouldn't be burdened with the knowledge about Sarah's death was a nice touch.
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I think I'm figuring out what it is about Dark Matter that gets me - these little self-contained episodes are pretty good. I know who all the players are, I'm pretty clear with their motivations, even stuff I had forgotten (Three's guilt over his wife's death, or Five's "sister", etc) is reasonably smoothly reintroduced into the show from the lines that were actually written, etc. It's good, and a satisfying end to the Four/Ryo-as-Emperor storyline.

I do sort of hate the transit pods from a risk/reward standpoint (why ever send your real body into hazard _ever_? If the risk is your clone dying and you not knowing why, given that the alternative is potentially You Prime dying and being dead forever, uh.. I know which one I'll choose? Is there a minimum transit distance so you can't just transit to the far side of the ship and equip before going off into danger? etc etc etc), but at least they're getting used.

But, to close off the parenthetical from earlier, the episodes where the writers dig into the history of the show and expect us to keep Nieman / Truffault / Wexler / Reynauld / Ferrous / Mikkei / The Clones etc straight _and their shifting alliances with the crew_ over a multi-episode gap? It feels like they're torn between just going "Rar! Ferrous Corp are baddies! Rar!" and "Rar! Ferrous Corp are Baddies because remember x, y, z, and how Nieman stabbed them in the back last season? Rar!"

I dunno. I didn't have trouble remembering irregular baddies like the Genii in their previous shows, so it doesn't feel like a personal failing.
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