Twin Peaks: The Return finale live blog?
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Is anyone interested in doing anything special for the airing of Twin Peaks: The Return, Parts 17 and 18 this Sunday?

FanFare was kind of started as a reaction to the liveblogging of new episodes of Hannibal on the blue. Is there any interest in doing live blog-style threads for Sunday's final two parts?

I am told that Parts 17 and 18 will air as separate parts, and not as edited-together presentations the way Parts 1 and 2 and Parts 3 and 4 were originally presented. So I would post two threads, one for each episode, at the start of each episode. Folks on the East Coast, folks with access to Showtime's East Coast feed, or folks with local simulcasting broadcasters could all comment along as the final two parts play in real time.

I'd love to hear what any of y'all want to do.
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I'm absolutely on board. I've had to go to Reddit for that with this season of Twin Peaks, and the discussion here would be much better. This show is much better than most for the live reactions since even if you kind of predict what will happen, it gets there in unexpected ways.
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And, there are so many unexpected delights in the performances and directorial choices above and beyond the plot stuff. So it's a very rich show for that kind of thing.
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BUT, would not such livecommenting inevitably detract from the attention one could pay to the unfolding show, especially if you're watching on a real teevee? Imagine how Lynch would feel about your divided attention.
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How does this work for westcoasters, maybe using the Showtime app? I'd participate if the timing works out.
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samthemander, in my experience, I can stream or download the episode on the Showtime app (different from the Showtime Anytime app) as soon as it begins airing on the east coast. I usually download because my first streaming attempt back in May had some auto-gain on the audio that was extremely distracting, but I'm informed that has been fixed.
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Excellent. I saw that last week's episode went Live at 6 PM Pacific time, but wasn't sure what to expect in general as that's the only time I checked the app so early in the evening. As long as my app cooperates, I'm down for some liveblogging!
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I'm definitely interested!
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I'll probably check this out afterwards because I bet it will still be interesting. But I'm going to watch with as few distractions as possible.
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I'm sure I'll read through it after it is done, but I'm with the folks who are staying off the internet while I watch. (I also tend to start 20 to 30 minutes late because of reasons.)
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Looks like Showtime is kicking off a marathon (all 16 episodes) at 4am Pacific on Sunday, which should finish up just in time for the final two episodes. (Cross-posted in the Ep. 16 thread.)
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I have been appointed to represent the reticent-to-comment people. They're not happy about it, but what are they gonna do, say something?

I am worried that those of us who want to read a non-live-blogged Twin Peaks thread (and the finale is the most important one, right?) will have to skip the thread entirely, cuz there are only so many one-liners in capitals that we can take before we shut down.

Members of the group here have commented about Proposal as follows:

– "When I saw the question, for the first time ever I thought—possibly because I've finally learned from moderators [this clause was ambiguous–ed.]—'oh, there's MeFi Chat for that!'"

– "Am I missing something, or was live blogging not even done for the Most Famous Show Ever last Sunday. Nor for the Billion Dollar Boxing Event. I acknowledge that this doesn't mean anything, as such, to the present Proposal, but"

– "I find Fanfare is at its best when people have posted interesting thoughts that require more than a line of writing. I wish MeFi had its own way of doing the reaction-stuff that is the specialty of Twitter and a bunch of other places that I don't look at. I was serious when I started that sentence—but no, I don't wish that, wtf!"

– "I mean one could argue that if there is a single show on TV to actually not take this approach with..."

– "CLEGANEBOWL dude OMG" (this member began Reaction Counselling sessions last week)

Most of the members are napping now but one of them suggested I add some kind of "now get off my lawn" reflexive irony to show how self-aware we are at the possibility of being branded conservative in disposition, but I told them, "Maybe? People who watch TWin Peaks surely understand that for every [a username was given here–ed.], representing one Lodge, there has to be someone like me (which is to say us), from the other Lodge. We will never agree on which Lodge is which, though."

Members agreed that a compromise in which there weren't really that many people live-blogging in the first place, and that they were still finding substantive things to say, like "oh maybe this fits with this other thing" rather than posting reaction-gifs-in-text, would be acceptable. And then they started worrying that they were basically anti-enthusiasm and no fun and that no amount of rationalization could really get them away from that core and damning hypothesis about their personality, and suggested to just forget about it.

For the Reticent,
(ssh they're counting beans in their sleep)
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Wow, now I'm wondering if I'm like Richard Horne or Windom Earle, eager to harness power beyond my ken and on a witless path to destruction. (This is why I made a Fanfare Talk thread to discuss a live blog in the first place, ofc.)

For unrelated reasons I Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny, I'm now anti-liveblog for these last two parts. I Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny anything else about these last two parts.
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Is anyone rewatching today? Rewatched 5 yesterday, some things made more sense than the first time around. Not sure I have the ability to comprehend the rest of the series today, thought.
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SylvanShine, you are a delight.
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Let me clarify that I won't be posting any Fanfare threads until after the final two parts air tonight, and of course I won't be posting any threads at all if someone else decides to post them first. I am looking forward to two hours of undivided attention to the show.
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Both parts are available for download now.
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I think not live blogging was the right call for this one.
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