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A woman in New Jersey is getting strange phone calls to her office from unknown numbers. Every time she picks up, she finds herself eavesdropping on the life of a different stranger. Unsure what else to do, she calls in Super Tech Support.
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Alex Goldman, if you are reading this, is there any chance that you guys can make the recordings available to the public? They are incredibly fascinating, almost like a new form of those numbers stations. I'd imagine they would also be really good to sample in a Boards of Canada track.
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I just finished listening to this. Super fascinating, and one of the most fun shows they've ever done.
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Loved this! I was a little surprised at first that PJ did a Super Tech Support, but my fears were for naught. The point where James Brown played the two recordings and they were the same, gave me shivers down my spine.

There's a link to a profile of James on his company's website.
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This was a great episode. I've heard about the 3 second version of these calls with nobody there, but I hadn't heard of this type and I think I'd be with Jody that I'd sit and listen to them as well. They're creepy enough standalone but all put together they're really something.

I especially liked the turn from the somewhat bothered "You're a reporter? *sigh* "He's a reporter!" tone of Harley at Precision Interconnect to fascinated and along for the ride (and still bothered, but no longer at PJ) after she heard the calls.
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This was a GREAT episode. I was hooked right from the start! Those phone calls were so strange and disturbing, and the explanation was fascinating. Human ingenuity is an amazing and alarming thing.
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Fascinating episode! Definitely did not go where I was expecting. I'd love a follow up if they ever catch the guy (s).
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I listened to this last night, and yes, fantastic episode! It's a great story, but the team also did a great job telling it - the writing and editing served the story well.
The only thing that keeps it from being my all-time favorite Reply All episode is the sad sad dearth of those boys cackling like maniacs at themselves/each other.
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I hope PJ did call that nice Montana woman back to tell her what the story was. The people whose caller ID the scammers are faking are victims in this too: I bet the scammer's calls cause quite a lot of "hey, did you just call me?" callbacks.
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Really good episode.
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