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The off-world team (Chloe, Scott, Eli and Greer) continues its search for a way out of the tunnels. However a collapse traps Sgt. Greer and the team is forced to leave him behind to try to catch up to Destiny, which is close to leaving the galaxy. In his solitude, Greer relives memories of his abusive father.

* Alaina "Lieutenant T.J. Johansen" Huffman became pregnant in real life during the filming of Season One. The writers chose to make it part of the story. Executive Producer Joseph Mallozzi posted an interview with Ms. Huffman at the time and some of her answers relate to her pregnancy. (This episode originally aired on April 30th, 2010. The blog post is from May 16, 2010. The interview does not appear to have spoilers for the next episode, which aired on May 7th 2010.)

In exposition, we get an answer to why the Stargates on this show have limited range:
Riley: "The Stargate aboard this ship is much more primitive than the later models found in the Milky Way. As you can see from this map, each time Destiny stops, it's in range of only a small group of Gates. That means the next time we drop out of F.T.L., the planet the team was stranded on will no longer be in range of Destiny."
Eli: "The Kino found an exit!"
Scott: "That's awesome. Where's the Kino?"
Eli: "Oh. I have no idea."
Young: "Hey, T.J. Listen, I'm sorry. One thing turned into another and the next thing you knew, a five minute update is..."
T.J.: "I'm pregnant."
Young: "You're pregnant?"
(She nods.)
Young: "Um, how-how far along are you?"
T.J.: "About twenty-two weeks. It's yours. Ours."
Young: "A baby ... on this ship...."
T.J. [Scowling defiantly, she whispers]: "I'm keeping it."
Young: "No, I didn't.... I didn't say you shouldn't."
T.J.: "What are you saying?"
(After a long pause, he takes her hands and kisses them. She starts crying.)
Young: "We're gonna work out how to make this work, that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna make it work, okay?"
Scott: "What happened!?
Eli: "I don't know! ...oh, God."
Chloe: "What?"
Eli: "The address just disappeared."
Scott: "How can it be there one second and then gone the next?"
Eli: They jumped. We missed it. We must have just missed it."
[He sits down on the gate ramp.]
Eli: "That's it. We're done."

"This episode finally stopped SGU from mashing down on the reset button whenever the plot got sticky. Last week, we left four team members stranded on the Canada Ruins Planet. And this week's episode ended with three crew members still lost in space. No reset. No happy ending, nothing was tied up in a big bow, phew. That was the right thing to do. I don't think I could have handled another gritty situation that got resolved in 45 minutes or less episode. Leaving Chloe, Scott and Eli's lives up in the air keeps us all guessing. Because let's admit, I'm willing to bet the majority of the SGU viewers thought this whole stranded in the tunnels bid would be done by the end of the episode. Putting the characters right back where they started, but this time without any hope of a rescue, is delightfully cruel, and we're not sure what's coming next. And that's a good thing."
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