Broad City: Just the Tips
September 27, 2017 2:13 PM - Season 4, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Ilana goes on a spending spree with her waitressing cash, and Abbi basks in the glow of a new relationship. Later that night, the girls bump into an old friend at a party.
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I feel like I need to watch this again because I kept feeling like I was waiting for it to start and then it was over.

I enjoyed parts of it, though -- some good laughs with Ilana's increasingly ridiculous spending spree. I wish the whole running into Lincoln again had a better outcome that the gross-out humor (and it's not that the show doesn't do that ... it just sort of felt weird here).

Abbi's 6-day "relationship" was sort of hilarious. I like the idea she's not a "relationship" person and is maybe still just trying to figure out herself. Abbi's always come across as the more traditional and "mature" of the pair and I like the idea that maybe she's not quite who she thinks she is.

(It's not that kind of show, but I do hope Trey's not part of the long game -- I liked them together but I think he's in her past.)

I'm liking this season more that last, mostly because Abbi & Ilana seem to be together a bit more.
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"it smells how it's supposed to smell" is on the pantheon of Hannibal Buress quotes.
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From the BTS: The "tips" are dollar signs but there are portraits of Barack & Michelle on the ring fingers, the big toes are Sasha and Malia.
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