The Deuce: The Principle Is All
September 28, 2017 9:12 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Vincent is blindsided by an unexpected partner after putting the finishing touches on his new bar, causing Frankie to blow a gasket.

Candy/Eileen really wants to direct. Darlene talks about movies with Larry and Abby. Big Mike gets a new job. And, Richie doesn't dig hierarchical oppression.
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I don't really know how to talk about the relationships between the pimps and their workers, and the look on Larry's face when he sees Darlene talking to Abby is so complicated. I'm not sure what he's feeling in that moment, something like fear, jealousy, and betrayal.
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I had to do a double take with Gentle Richie going about the "means of production", because Marxist theory is exactly what I'd expect from a show about the sex industry in the 70s.
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This show is moving almost impossibly fast. Which is understandable -- it's a great big world and you've got to set it up -- but the mafia / Irish situation, in particular, is a bit too twisty for me. We are getting into the meat of the story, though, and I'm still all-in. Candy was especially strong this week, clearly demonstrating why it's time for her to get the hell off of the street.

Vincent and Frankie's stories are still the least-interesting thing about the show, but I guess the bar is the glue that winds up sticking Abby to the rest of the players.
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I think it's moving fast because this Sunday it reaches midway. Mad Men, for instance, could be a little better paced because it had 13 episodes every season, not 8.
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Hm. I'm having trouble, a year on from when this started, getting in to watching one James Franco let alone two. And listening to men and their schemes seems so dull to me that I've just been fast-forwarding until I see a woman on the screen.
posted by amanda at 7:40 AM on October 7, 2018

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