Halt and Catch Fire: Who Needs a Guy
October 1, 2017 9:15 AM - Season 4, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Bos interrupts Cameron's frantic coding session for something very important. Gordon spends the day making increasingly larger repairs at Comet. Donna takes some time off for "R&R". Joe argues about the future of Comet and goes to an unlikely source for clarity.
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I has a sad. But I will admit that I'm more interested in the last couple of hours now that it's clear it's not just going to be everyone riding off on unicorns once Donna unfucks herself.
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Was it well done, tv death wise? Was it touching? Whatever, sure. This show never misses an emotional beat. But as a disabled person, seeing the old "disabled person dies when they're finally happy, to effect other characters" is a gut-punch every time it happens, especially with someone whose condition was integrated so well into their character, who was allowed to have symptoms and struggles that weren't Portents Of Death, but simply the nature of chronic illness.

I trust these writers, they're smarter than that, I thought. He dies right after Haley comes out? Come on. Ugh. I'm convinced Cam is going to end the series pregnant now, too.
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I managed to not get spoiled before I watched this, and I was so heartbroken afterwards.

Like colorblock sock, I was disappointed to see a character with a realistically-portrayed chronic illness, having achieved his main goals and left his friends/family in a place where they'll be okay without him, get killed off. Also I really enjoy watching Scoot McNairy. (Looks like he's in a Netflix western next.)

Six Feet Under was a show that -- it's been more than a decade, so I don't think I need to spoiler warn, but ... -- killed off its main character with a few episodes left, and I actually liked that I got some time to see the other characters react and process and try to move forward. So maybe it'll be okay here, too.

If/when Cam tells Joe, "I didn't want kids before, but I want them with youuuuuu," I might break my TV.
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I don't know if the messing with the mains with both hands was intended as foreshadowing, but it served as it for me and really made the ending land.
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Well, watching this at work on my lunchtime was the wrong choice.
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Setting Gordon aside for a minute, there were two really great moments in this episode for me: Cameron arriving at Bos' wedding and realizing why she was there, and Joe and Donna having it out.

The Bos/Cameron relationship has been one of my favorites, and I'm glad Bos and Diane are staying together. Bos telling Cameron, well, she's having her daughter, so I thought . . . Just perfect for them.

Donna and Joe. I didn't even think that those two characters needed to have a talk like this, but as Donna is closing the door and saying that Joe won, he has Gordon, Haley, Bos, and Cam, it's so right. In my dreams, Donna would take over Gordon's role at Comet. That's probably far too neat, but I can wish.
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I was expecting that, but it was a little sooner and more sudden than I had anticipated. Very well done and touching. I'll miss these people when this show is over.
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NO. I. am. devastated. I'm already sad that the show is over (just now catching up), and Gordon dies???? Donna and him were supposed to get back together, dammit! I knew something was up with all of his flash-backs, and I was thinking it was a huge seizure, not a life-flashing-before-your-eyes-when-you-die moment. Earlier, I was half expecting him to be electrocuted several times, so his quiet death he had somehow made it worse and totally unexpected. And Donna was the last person he thought of *grossly sobs*

Probably shouldn't have watched this episode right before bed....
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