The Mayor: Pilot
October 3, 2017 7:44 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Courtney runs for mayor as a publicity stunt and unexpectedly wins the election in the series premiere of this comedy about an aspiring rapper who finds himself with a new career in politics.
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I'm a fan of the pilot, I'm interested to see where they go now that Courtney has done the one thing he said he'd do on day 2 of being in office. Also, great cast, well acted - good mix of humor and seriousness, plus current politics without it being all about commentary on current politics.
posted by filthy light thief at 12:25 PM on October 4, 2017

Yeah, this was fun. I think my biggest laugh was the little bit at the end with the index cards - Lea Michelle complimenting the collage was the last thing I would have expected. It's nice that they're not setting her up to be the killjoy antagonist. And while I wouldn't be the least bit shocked if the show ends up making her & Courtney a couple, it's nice that they didn't start with that.

Really loved the two friends.
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This was a little too short and quick, but it wasn't too bad. Kinda liked it. The friends aren't complete boneheads, which is a relief, and the collage was adorable.
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A little rushed, but that's pilots for you. I enjoyed it and will keep watching.

I was a little confused - has he actually taken office? Isn't there usually a month or more of delay between elections and a term staring? I don't mind if in their universe the term starts the day after the election, but I think they should have made it more clear if his term had started or not. Maybe I missed something.

Fun facts: I know the actor playing Kitty Cavanaugh, and I once went on a date with a woman named Kitty Cavanaugh (different person).
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Not too bad. It looked like it wasn't going to be great depending on which preview you watched, but I really like the friends. So of course I don't give it much chance at surviving.
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