Billy Wilder film club

Let's watch some Billy Wilder movies! Why? Wilder’s films show an extraordinary range, from film noir to screwball comedy. Although he claims that as a director he aspired to an unobtrusive style of shooting, all his films, nonetheless are marked by a singular vision—elegant dramatization of character through action, distinctive dialogue, and a sour/sweet, or even misanthropic, view of humanity—qualities that stem, for the most part, from the writing. Wilder’s credits as a director and cowriter include Double Indemnity, Sunset Boulevard, Sabrina, Ace in the Hole, Stalag 17, The Lost Weekend, Some Like it Hot, and The Apartment. Four films directed and cowritten by Wilder have been selected by the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress for recognition and preservation. We'll start with some big hits, and if folks are interested, we'll keep going, including old writing credit only European films. For our first films: 1. The Apartment 2. Sunset Blvd 3. One, Two, Three 4. Double Indemnity. If this catches on we'll go on to Fedora, Front Page & Some Like it Hot and...

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October 23

Movie: One, Two, Three

A Coca-Cola executive in West Berlin tries to keep the boss's daughter from marrying a Communist. [more inside]
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October 9

Movie: The Apartment

Bud Baxter is a minor clerk in a huge New York insurance company, until he discovers a quick way to climb the corporate ladder. He lends out his apartment to the executives as a place to take their mistresses. Although he often has to deal with the aftermath of their visits, one night he's left with a major problem to solve.
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October 6

Billy Wilder club, starting

Just promoting a new Billy Wilder film club, with first film, The Apartment, posting Monday. [more inside]
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